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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OddBall Baby Blankets

Oddball Baby Blankets Pumpkin Patch and Sweet Pea before boarder6 Knitters each on these Baby Blankets for the western group in RAV Oddball Baby Blankets. I love seeing the different stitches people use, and how they interpret the theme. Someone starts the ghan based on the theme and then it makes it way around with each person doing a section and mailing it on. I was the border patrol for both of these blankets. The blanket on the left is titled Pumpkin Patch and the one on the right is called Sweet Pea. I expected Sweet Pea to be lots of shades of green...my interpretation...however right from the start it seems everyone else thought of the flowers Sweat Pea's which are all different colors and thus the blanket begins to take shape.
boarder for pumpkin patchHere's a close up of the 2 tone orange boarder. I did several rows of single crochet to try and give the blanket a bit of shape...even it up. As you can see in the first picture, there's quite an hour glass shape due to the differences in stitches and yarn used. Then with the darker orange did a simple scallop/shell. That darker orange to me is true orange.
pumpkin patchDid some tugging to again even it out, and am hopeful when the blanket is laundered and blocked it will maintain the square shape. I also thought this blanket though appropriate for male or female looked a bit more boyish, and thus didn't want a real frilly border.
boarder sweet peaA close up Sweat Pea's boarder here. It's all in one color, made with single crochet, chains, triples, and V stitch. I like this boarder for adding a few inches to a smaller blanket. And with the name Sweat Pea, seems more girly to me. Plus the pastels so went with a more frilly boarder here. Considered doing a green border since it started and ended with green...and because green is the first color I thought of for Sweat Pea before seeing the blanket. But, since blue was the middle section on the blanket I choice that to pull it all together.
sweet peaThese blankets are done for charity. All given to hospitals around the country for babies and families in need.


  1. You did a great job on these borders. I think the borders accent the other sections, turning an Oddball into a gem. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Nancy...you did an awesome job finishing off the blankets! They both look great :)

  3. Thanks Nancy and hakucho, appreciate it. I enjoy doing the borders; but was concerned with both of these due to hour glass shape. Hope they got a heavy blocking at the other end. They really needed it.

  4. I agree with the others. It occurs to me that the border is the most important part of the theme in an oddball blanket. It's job is to bring all the rest of it together. How fun to be on border patrol!

  5. Thanks Sus, appreciate the kind words and your visit.

  6. These are such gorgeous baby blankets! The families who receive them are so blessed, and I bet mom & dad are sometimes a little jealous that their baby has such a pretty blankie to sleep with. =) Wouldn't it be fun for a family full of knitters/crocheters to all work together to make a baby blanket when someone in the family is expecting? I don't think anyone in my family does much knitting/crocheting other than me, but if they did, I would love to work on a project like that with them every time our family is blessed with a new member!

  7. Anna, what a nice idea to have the family doing something like that together. My DD and I could do it, but that's it for the family.


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