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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting things ready for post office

Rectangles for our injuried Veterans, got 9 made. Used a variety of stitches, sc, dc, dc back loop only, and v-Stitch. Though with the red, white and blue multi-color you really can't tell much of difference with the stitches. On the solid blue, the difference in the stitches in more pronounced.

I love making these newborn poncho's from various sized grannie squares. The squares are 6 and 7 inch ones, with sc edge...some have 2 rows around each square. Tried to vary the size a bit that way, since babies come in all sizes. You saw Susie modeling the first 3 in my previous post. Adding a picture here of the 4th one, with naturally Susie modeling it again. She really likes the attention.

Stella is shown modeling a multi-colored scarf. This scarf is for Homeless Veterans. I think Stella needs a new face....look how pale she is. lol

Babie booties, 2 pair of red, white and blue and one solid blue pair will go with the ponchos for Lil Troopers

working on a lapghan for Sissie, making good headway and maybe done in a day or so


  1. I love the little ponchos. In fact, I am going to try to make one. I have always liked the granny square ones. It is one of those things I have noticed over and over again but never actually sat down and worked on. Time to do that. About the rectangles, did you know there is a forum for HAP? If you are interested you can check it out at

    They post there when they receive the rectangles and have additional information on colors and such.

  2. Wow, you have really hot hooks these days. Great job on all of it. I adore the booties and poncho of course but even the scarf and squares are a great piece of work.

  3. I thought I made things fast, but holy cow, you are beating me hands down! Everything looks beautiful. I think it's terrific that you are getting so much done for charity, and you are inspiring me to get busy. Maybe this weekend I can get myself reorganized and get more done.

  4. The ponchos are so adorable. Any child would want one of those for his/her doll.

  5. That lapghan is beautiful! and the little ponchos are so cute!
    It is remarkable how quickly you are able to make so many wonderful things!!

  6. All your projects look great...I especially love Sissy's lapghan...it's rally coming along nicely :)

  7. I am a new member of HAP. Is this where I can find out info on HAP?

    I am new at this and not too computer savy!

  8. No Auntie Joanni, tried to visit your blog to give you the link; but you don't have a link...hope you'll pop back and see this.
    Scroll down my right side bar and you'll see HAP, click on it and you'll be taken to their webpage. Then next up you'll want to follow the links from their webpage to their forums. Their forums is where you get lots of info. Welcome to the group. I too am a member and am glad you found your way here. Hope to see you again. Soon.


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