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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Special Olympics...5 in the mail

Previous post, shows 1st, 2nd, and 3rd scarfs made. The 4th one in the works was ripped out and here are the 4th and 5th scarfs made. All 5 were crocheted. Used 5 skeins of yarn (2 white and 1 blue). 5 x 364 yards = 1,820 yds of yarn for this project...minus a wee bit left of the blue.

Of the 5, my personal favorite is #5. I really like the way the slant stitch scarf made on the horitzontal came out. Believe I'll make another scarf using that method for a different project. Scarf 4 and 5 were made with a J hook (larger, as the others were H and I). Scarf 4 was sc, dc, slant stitch, and crossed dc. 5th scarf was dc and slant stitch. (see the close up of this one pictured above)

My only thought on the 5th is that is might be gender specific? I think it might be too lacy looking to be appropiate for a guy? What do you think? I tried to make all the other 4 scarfs gender specific, as I was concerned with the number of definately female ones I spotted over on Ravelry in The Special Olympics Group. Didn't want them to not have some for the guys.
What browser are you all using? Anyone having trouble getting into a few peoples blogs? Getting message blog can't be opened with Int. Explorer? Having that trouble with Ghost's blog. Wondering if there are others? Unsure about loading foxfire (had tons of trouble with it about a year ago), what about a different browser? Whats the difference between foxfire and mozilla? Anyone use Netscapes?
Anyone have a link for a good tutorial for crocheting from a graph...carrying over yarn? I don't want to have lots of joins, but would like to try my hand at that.
Happy Stitching one and all


  1. Your scarves look great! Can't help with the crochet questions since I'm a crochet "dummy". :P
    As for the browser, I use Firefox and I love it! They have tons of add-ons for different needs and no way would I go back to using IE. If you decide to try FF again...check out the cooliris add-on..it's handy.

  2. More wonderful scarves :)

    I will only use firefox...explorer is awful! I think if you try it you'll like it :)

    Check out my blog...you just won an award :)

  3. oh, beautiful colors! :]

  4. The scarves all look beautiful! I was looking through the Herrschner's catalog the other day, and it looks like they are now calling the Delft blue "Olympian Blue". I thought that was nice.

    I use a Macintosh laptop, and I use Firefox as my browser. I haven't had any problems with it so far.

  5. Your scarves are very nice!

    As for browsers, I only use Mozilla Foxfire...Internet Explorer is pretty lame.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

  6. Love the scarves. I have not found a pattern yet that i like that is quick and easy:)
    I only use firefox and that is mozilla

    both yours and ghost emails are coming back to me:(


  7. Thanks for your efforts on my behalf Sandy. Love your scarfs and I know the wearers will be so proud to wear them.

  8. Your new scarves are beautiful. I really like the one with the vertical stripes.

    Don't I know about being overwhelmed! There are just too many good groups that need help :) Every single thing we make though, makes a difference. I just need to keep reminding myself I can't do it all LOL!!

  9. Sandy, the problem with getting into my blog has been solved. I have made an entry regarding this. Thank you for your persistence and you can still use your IE program to get there now.

  10. Hi Sandy,

    So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I found that Target has a really good selection of travel-sized items, all for $1 or less. I'll probably be going there from now on. Sams Club may work but I don't know that they sell sample-sized stuff in bulk. Dollar Tree might work as well :)


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