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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"FROST on the Pumpkin"

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Frost on the pumpkin...I know I'm dating myself when I say that; but...we're really had it this am. Windows, grass...all frosty with the temperatures dropping. Soon it will be gone and warm up, but we've now had our first frost and sooooooooo, sadly I must admit the season is upon us. How many months before summer again?

This red granny hat, quick and easy to make. 3 approximately 6 inch granny squares, all edged with sc, sewn together. I used 2 rows of sc for band portion, and again using sc decreasing as I went (every other stitch), enclosed the top to make the crown of the hat.
The green slippers are both knitted and crocheted. The initial rectangles/squares--the green portion is knitted while the grey edging is sc. Stitched together with grey.
This pair of slippers, larger than the green pair is crocheted (basic dc for the rectangle portion, and again sc for edging).
I LOVE this blue and I LOVE working with this yarn. Probably my favorite for regular knitted worsted weight yarn, Caron Wintuk. Nice feel, soft but also very substantial. I don't actually know what the difference is between this Caron yarn and the large Caron pounders which I also like to use. Though, I think this might be softer? This is dark colony blue.
Another pair of knitted booties, pink multi-colored for a newborn. This is some of the balls of yarn I rolled and rolled and rolled. Berroco's Comfort Yarn, works well for booties, is soooooo soft.
Using more of the multi yarn donated by a friend paired with rust, this scarf is crocheted with basic dc, sc, and fpdc.
This very nice Red Heart Yarn. I ordered it several years ago in 4 or 5 different colors and was thrilled to find I still had 2 of the green skeins left. I've never seen this yarn in the stores (JoAnne, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Walmart). It's called Red Heart Tweed came in 4 oz skeins 113 g, worsted weight, 4 ply. It's very soft and I'd like to find it again. This color is Moss. The scarf is simple dc, with this nice yarn--the tweed really no need for fancy stitches. In fact, I experimented with a few that were lost. You really just didn't see them, or texture. So, keeping it simple seems to be the way to go.
More fun with granny squares. I call this hat fall granny. Green, gold, burnt orange all harvest colors varigated squares (3 approximately 6 inchers), edged in sc burnt orange. Stitched together in same burnt orange, several rows back loop sc for band, topped with pompom of orange. I did not decrease to make a crown on this hat. I gathered the top using darning needle weaving in and out, every other stitch and pulled tightly. This method is faster then the one used for the red hat, but also makes hat smaller. A good way to alter sizing. Kids heads are soooooooo many different sizes.

Slippers are heading to Pine Ridge
Scarfs heading to Homeless Veterans through a group on Rav called Knitters for Obama
Booties ...will be sent ??? Gotta check my rotation and see who's turn it is next. Several groups need booties.
Hats will go to the school project, Prevent Brain Freeze as soon as I get the address.

Works in progress:
The blue scarf, candy corn ghan, pink and purple ghan. I'm really really really trying to finish all my projects before starting more. This is pretty good for me to only have a few things in the works. The project bag organization seems to be helping.

Had a busy, and tiring though enjoyable long wkend with my daughter in Baltimore this past wkend. Trying...to catch up.


  1. You do so much in so little time. I love the multicolored hat so much. But all are really fun to look at and I love your new Marquee. Way to Go!

  2. Hey Sandy,

    My friend can email you the address for the school drive if you give me your e-mail address :)

  3. this is all great work. you do so much:)
    i love the scarves can you share the pattern?


  4. everything is fantastic! love the colors. :]

  5. Everything you do looks so wonderful.
    The vacuum sealer does not run on batteries so it was around $5.00. The bags were about the same I think. I bought it just to have a new toy. LOL Not sure if I would save money or not. I just thought it was neat.

  6. I've been on a slipper kick lately, too. Just made 8 pairs for some friends. :)

    You left a message for me about sweater patterns. If you go to my Hooked on Crochet blogs and look at my sweater posts, I link to the patterns there. :)

  7. Sandy

    Popped over from comment you left on my blog. The 8-inch squares we're making for FA Awareness is for Friedreich's Ataxia. If you peruse my blog or visit jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com you can find more info. We set aside October to make squares to turn into afghans to auction.

    Thanks for visiting

  8. Sadly we just our big frost, too. It seems like it's cold more of the year than warm. Oh,well...

    Your projects are all looking great. You certainly are busy :)

  9. More beautiful woks of art!! Your talents are endless! My favorite is the scarf. Keep up the good work.


  10. Oh I love the granny hats!! The fall one is so neat! And I love how the scarf with the multi-color and rust turned out!! Awesome!! You are just so talented and dedicated :)

  11. You just amaze me! Such beautiful work and you are fast! Want to share your secret?!? LOL!
    We had our first light frost Thursday night. Just the grass was frosty. Fall is definitely here!

  12. More warm heads, necks and feet! Everything is beautiful, but I really like the scarves. You are doing a wonderful thing, donating so much to charity.

  13. I really like your blog. Great scarves and hats.


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