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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Style Show for Susie

Susie, my daughter's favorite doll went many places with us during the early years. We buckled her into the car seat and away we went..........just as if we were a family of 4 rather than 3. LOL For a while Susie and my daughter had twin nightgowns. There was a time period when Susie could wear the clothes Chrissy no longer could. She's been tucked away all these years, mostly forgotten until Jake the soon to be 2 year old (living next door), and "his" Elmo were swinging and sliding together on his swing set. That jogged my memory of Susie doing things with Chrissy. I decided she made a very good model, though perhaps she's a bit of a camera hog. She's modeling 3 different ponchos for newborns. They vary a little in size; with the yellow and rust one being the largest (probably suitable for up to a year). She's modeling the 2 ways of poncho can be worn
  • The first way, probably the more traditional way is with point in both the front and the back

  • The 2nd way with points over each arm, making the front and back straight across. I'm remembering Clint Eastwood wearing his Western Poncho's this way in a few of his cowboy movies.
The colors are a bit unusual in that they aren't the traditional light pink and light blue for babies; but I was using things I had here at hand; and I think for fall births.......probably ok. The black one is perhaps the most out of the norm, though it is trimmed in a nice light sorta icey blue. Not sure the blue shows up that well here in pictures.

My thinking is the red & blue, and the black & blue are suitable for girl or boy; but I think the yellow and rust is more suitable for a girl. What do you all think?
I'm hoping to get a few more made, then divide these up along with some booties and send some to Marine Corp Kids, and some to Lil_Troopers.
I think I'll make some Red, White and Blue ones as well.
Was pleased The Ohio State Buckeyes won last night against Wisconsin
My Absentee Ballot came yesterday
Tuesday night is the next debate, be sure and watch


  1. How many rounds do you do on each square? I am thinking if you added a few more rounds you could make them child size for a younger child. What do you think. I like the idea and your work once again is great as always. Love the memories also.

  2. Yes I too think making the square larger would work for sizing up for a younger child. The squares I'm using for the newborn are between 6 and 7 inches.

    Thanks Ghost

  3. Sandy,

    I looked at your page and the flicker badge seems to work with Mozilla. I think you may have to update the software. Go to the following link and get the latest version Adobe Flash Player:


    Let me know if this works.


  4. How absolutely adorable! And I love the color combinations! Especially the yellow and rust - how fallish :) I agree with your thoughts on the girl/boy colors. These are just so cute, I don't think I've ever seen ponchos using granny squares! :)
    And I love the Susie story :) how cute!

  5. Thanks for your reply Sandy. I too like the cream and rust the best as color combos also.

  6. Great Ponchos Sandy! You do beautiful work.

    Thank you so much for all your feedback about Ghost's blog. It really helped us to figure out what was wrong.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  7. Too sweet for words! The memories will be long-lived!

  8. Your model is just perfect for those ponchos! And what a great story about remembering her. I agree with your thinking on the girl/boy colors, too. The yellow one would work better for a girl, I think. And what a great idea, using granny squares to make a poncho! I may have to try to make one, too.

  9. Thanks for the comments on my photos. You're so sweet. FF just took some playing around with to get the hang of it. Some people love it and some don't. For me, it was a lot faster and smoother so I stayed with it. If IE works great for you then I wouldn't worry too much about switching.
    Twitter is also something that took me a while to get the hang of...strange at first. You just post random little messages and can reply to friends' messages. I also tried Plurk and it is a lot more fun. Again, just play around with it until you get the feel for it.
    You can email me anytime...I will help however I can.
    melne66 at yahoo dot com

  10. wow, I love the color combos, and I think I know what to do with the 11 granny squares I have laying around!

  11. Wow Sandy!! Those Ponchos are great. What a clever idea. You sure make some great things and I am so glad that you share then with us.

    Thank you for all the comments at my place and I am so glad that we got Ghost visible to you again. YAY!!

  12. these are so pretty and so is your doll:)


  13. I love your model...I bet she doesn't complain about doing it ;)

    I think these days anything goes color wise for babies. The ponchos are all very cute :)

  14. Hey Sandy,

    Did you resolve the Firefox issues? Sorry I have not replied sooner, but I have been busy wrapping up with fall small mammal trapping at the college all this week. Just finished today!

    If you have not resolved your issues, perhaps you could give some information on your system...What version of MS Windows are you using? Also, what is the system info on your computer (processor, ram, video, etc...).


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