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Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's sure cold here today, sunny but cold. We had freezing rain again last night; but thankfully it started after my daughter arrived safely from Baltimore. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed having her friend join us. They traveled together and now, she's heading on home via Greyhound.

I've got more cards to address, keep doing them in batches chipping away at it. I've started a ghan for a gift which I think isn't going to happen. I need to make hat, scarf or shawl for my great niece for Christmas and I am sure running out of time.

Please hop over to my other blog (The Bridge Project) to see how awesome people are.

Going to dinner tomorrow with good friends before they head out of town for the holidays. Heading to the basement now to do more laundry. Geesh........thought I was done with it yesterday; but no...I was wrong.

Have a good day, be safe and stay warm in your travels if you're heading to other places this wkend to celebrate the upcoming Holidays.


  1. We are having our second snowfall in 3 days here in Connecticut. It will be wonderful to have a white Christmas, but I'm already tired of shoveling snow! Have a wonderful holiday, and good luck getting all those presents finished.

  2. Seems we are all knee deep in snow. I will post a photo tomorrow of our snow.

  3. Happy Holidays! Hope you stay warm and safe!

    I hope your holidays was a blessed one. I finished my crochet project and it ended as a long string! There is a reason why I take pictures rather than attempting what you are so very tallented and skilled at. My boys are home with me for several days and I have taken off work with them. Let's see if I get caught up on anything... I did get my twilight books read. I love Edward:)


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