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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slogging through with just 5 days to go!!!

Slogging around here in Central Ohio, we've had tons and tons of rain. Warmer then normal temperatures of late which is both a good and bad thing. It's good for the homeless to be less cold, but it's bad for others and they tend to dress inappropiately and get sick...forgetting that's still really winter. Plus, I hate the cool damp, I deal better with cold then damp.

5 days to go til we say adios to 2008 and welcome in 2009. I'm still short of my charity crocheting and knitting goal. I did manage to make a little sweater yesterday (temporarily without camera, so no pictures), knitted a pair of booties to match (though they need to be stitched up), got a 2nd pair of booties started (got 1 bootie done but need to make the 2nd and get them both stitched)...day before I worked on candy corn ghan and made some really good headway on it...though still not finished and thus it probably isn't going to get done in time for this years goal...took time away from charity kntting to knit a shawl for my great niece for Christmas (picture later when I get my camera back), and daughter wants another hat...though I have the yarn at hand, have been putting it aside in hopes of getting a few more items done for the charities before the close of the year.

We won't be traveling for New Years, though I wish all who are happy and safe travels. We will be eating out for New Years Eve. Made our reservations yesterday at our favorite resturant, which is close enough for us to walk...though we rarely do.

Looking forward to a massage today, both daughter and I are getting a deep tissue one. Had a fabulous one when she was home for Thanksgiving. We were both in need then, and it was such a good one; we booked ourselves another. It helps my neck and back alot (with all the arthristis for me, her's is mostly tension).

Happy New Years one and all. I'll be making my way around to everyones blog here again in the next couple of days.


  1. It's all good Sandy, don't stress what gets done gets done. Life does not end with the new year it is just a new start and if we both have to start by finishing up projects from this year it is okay. At least we know our work is appreciated.

  2. Have a Happy New Year!

    The weather here is a little strange also. Warmer than usual and snow is melting.

    A massage...........I've never had one but it sure sounds great!

  3. We're getting some rain in CT, also. It's melting all the snow we got last weekend.

    Enjoy your massage and your New Year's Eve. We are staying home this year and then hosting the family on New Year's Day. I always enjoy New Year's because it seems so much more relaxed than Christmas.

  4. Happy New Year's to you!! Oh the massage sounds awesome!! Especially after the holidays!

  5. Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your massage Sandy. Don't sweat not finishing everything. Everything will get done when it's suppose to.


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