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Monday, December 08, 2008

PREEMIES, 10 for Ninja

Made it! Just, and will mail on my way home from work today. In previous post posted picture of pullover sweater, booties, and hat...but the picture didn't show the colors in the yarn...slight but not really all white like it looked in previous picture. Think this picture of a close up of the hat shows the colors.

That same yarn, used in a cardigan sweater crocheted this time not knitted, also shows the colors a bit better; notice the cute little yellow duck button. I love that.

Using that same pattern, I made 2 more sweaters. Again both are crocheted. The green one is short sleeve and made with Caron Simply Soft (nice to the touch, though not a favorite yarn to work with), the 2nd cardigan is a multi-colored Berroc Comfort which is also a soft yarn.

Then made a hat, green and white (also crocheted) that matches the little sweater. These items don't have to be used as sets, however. If when they are distributed they need more pieces, they can be used separately. These will be mailed today on my way home from to Ninja for her 10 for 10 Preemie Project.

I'm getting closer to my goal, but ...don't know. Need to make time to clean, deocrate the house, address Christmas Cards. Yikes, so much to do and time is getting tight.

PLEASE check out my other blog regarding, The Bridge Project

Stay warm, and happy stitching one and all.


  1. The color really show nicely when you click on the pictures and get the larger view. Nice work Sandy as usual. You always do such nice work and I know you will make it. don't forget there is always that last minute.

  2. Those sweaters are adorable! I'm sure Ninja is really going to appreciate all the items.

  3. You amaze me!!!!! I'm so excited about starting something....anything!

    I've got to give you the book I'm reading...


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