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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nice Mental Picture

This sunset is from several months back when I was in Florida, trying to relax after the hectic first round hospital stay for Mom and her surgery; as you know it got much worse after that. I never got the opportunity to edit and share any of the Florida pictures and since it's bitter cold here in Central Ohio this morning this picture is as close to seeing sun as we're going to get. Thought it might make me feel warmer.

Also thought seeing the sun might help us all relax as we prepare with extra errands, longer work hours, and stress of the upcoming holidays. In truth, the holidays don't stress me out; as I'm not one to do lots of cooking and baking etc, but...dealing with Mom has stressed me out.

I'm working on several projects hoping to meet my goal for charity items; but am doubtful that I will succeed. Might get close though.

Working on a blue knitted scarf for The Bridge Project, got one bootie done and need to make it's mate, working on Candy Corn off and on for Victory Camp, and have odds and ends here at the ready suitable for more scrafs.

Hope you're staying warm, keep stitching and enjoy the sunset.


  1. Nice picture for a cold day here in Michigan.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You are getting so close to your goal! I'm still rooting for you to make it. I know it's tough with the holidays, though.


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