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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How many is too many?

knitted bright and lofty scarf on the needles
How many projects is too many projects? I've gone back and forth in my knitting and crocheting organization. Working on multiple projects, a different project each day...working on only one at a time, trying to finish one before starting another....working on big projects at home and taking smaller projects with me for breaks at work or car rides etc.

Add to that the difficulty of balancing charity knitting and crocheting, with things for friends and families....and or once in a blue moon something for self. It's a process, one I see lots of knitting and crocheting Bloggers discussing. Towards the end of last year I decided I would finish all my WIP (works in progress) before starting new ones. That plan went by the way side. Why? I'd go shopping because a friend wanted to, or because someone was having a good sale and every-time I did that yarn would find it's way into my hand, into my house. It would call out to me....I'm here....I'm here, please come see and play with me.

Sooooooooooo, I would start something new. Then I thought perhaps I should have exactly 7 projects going, so each day of the week I would work on Project Monday, Tuesday etc. I thought about that, but didn't do it.

Soooo, now I need to count how many projects I have going:
  1. I have Fun and Funky Scarf (knitting) Gift
  2. I have 2 balls recently rolled of fabulous Mango Moon (will be knitting) Me
  3. I have corner to corner ghan for homeless (knitting) Charity
  4. I have granny squares for homeless (crocheting) Charity
  5. I have Candy Corn Ghan for Victory Camp (crocheting) Charity
  6. I have Opal's Ghan (crocheting) Friend Request
  7. I have Bright and Lofty Orange Scarf homeless or passion of the heart (knitting) Charity this is the item pictured here.
I think that's right. So, as it turns out I do have 7 projects after all. Does 2 being balls rolled count as a project? Does the purple green unidentifed specialty fiber not mentioned above but in my mind for a special someone count? I worked on #1 yesterday; I could perhaps finish it today? (though this is a scheduled post so by the time you read this it's no longer today...lol). So, you see my quandary.

Back to my questions how many is too many?


  1. This is the proverbial can of worms...is there such a thing as too many projects? Just ask me or Joansie. I really don't want to count....I really don't want to know.

    I think that there may be a fine line between obsession and passion. I'm going to blog about this ...as soon as I get out from all all my WIPs. ;-)

  2. Who knows the answer to that question...not me! Guess too many is when/if you feel overwhelmed. If you're contented and happy I'd say everything's just dandy!


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