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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun and Funky

funky scarf on the needlesThis is FUN, and funky to my way of thinking. Purchased this yarn some time back for a gift; but was delayed in getting it done. Rolling this from the hank to the ball to use was a job and a half. I spent about 4 hours working on it; then took it with me this past weekend where Julie got it done. She likes the puzzle and likes playing with all the fibers. I've counted 8 different fibers mixed here, and they do catch on themselves both when rolling into a ball and while knitting.

The suggestion from my LYS when I purchased this was to use to size 13 and knit straight. They also suggest lengthwise not width wise in order to see the colors and textures develop. I used most of their suggestion in that I am knitting lengthwise and one of my needles is a 13. I chose a 6 for my 2nd needle feeling it would be way to open, prone to pulls --stretching using only 13's. I think the 6 on one side helps to give it a bit more body? As a result is it going to be more narrow, or am I stretching the yarn where it will end up wider? These things always confuse me a bit. Bigger needles make bigger stitches, but also use more yarn. Anyway, I LOVE the fun in seeing how this changes as I continue to work on it.


  1. Don't know anything about knitting. Looks like a huge skirt to me. heh What an interesting pattern the yarn makes! Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. It does look like a skirt when bunched on the needles like that doesn't it. lol Hadn't thought of that

  3. Before you got to your question, I was wondering the same thing. Will await other comments.

  4. This really does look like a fun yarn to work with. Watching how all of the colors play out. Your lys was right about knitting lengthwise though.


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