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Friday, June 11, 2010

Car Repairs Make Women Shutter

Who can get along without a car? Not many people. But, when something goes wrong they are a royal pain. The car world is no longer a "Mans" world. You take the car in for repair and often because you're a woman, they tell you everything under the sun needs repaired. I know we've all been there and hate it. Do you know what they're talking about when they banter around words like water pump, air filter, or head gasket? I don't!

I'm not one for kicking the tires, or spending extra money or fancy wheels. I just want a car to get in and drive and get where I'm going safely. When I pass a Hondo, Acura, Chevy or Toyota Corolla on the freeway; I don't know one from another; nor do I care.

Finally, a repair service women can trust. Repairpal gives us the ability to manage repairs on line, to ask questions, to check car reviews, to get FREE estimates of repairs so when we need to take the car in; we can feel confident. You might be traveling for business or on vacation with the family when your car needs attention, no matter you can search for Chicago Auto Repair, Miami, San Francisco or a host of other cities to find a trusted mechanic for your needs. Repairpal has recently teamed up with Aol and AARP. Book mark the site, so when you're in need help is just a click away.


  1. We don't drive, so we don't have a car. Our kids are old enough to drive, but the insurance is just so high, that why they don't have cars yet. They think that they just need money for insurance & fuel, but I keep trying trying to tell them about the expensive of up keep.

    When a good friend went to trade school to be a mechanic, his instructor told him, "If you get into a car & found that it's only a 50 cent repair job....break something else while you're in there, so it'll be worth your time." Our friend wanted to know how people sleep at night with this kind of thinking. BTW: our friend owns his own business & he's real honest....it makes the customers keep coming back.

  2. Oh Deb, that's terrible that a mechanic does that. You've explained further though why it's twice as difficult for a women who might not understand the lingo.

    And right you are that cars are expensive, you pay for the car, you pay for gas, you pay for insurance, you pay for upkeep.


  3. Thanks for the valuable information. As a single woman who has to take care of her car herself, I can tell you some horror stories, but I can also tell you that I have fought back and actually had a man come up to me, wanting to shake my hand, for doing a fantastic job of researching and getting my money back from a mechanic that had "taken me for a ride" with a repair bill. My money was returned to me in full. You see, after not getting satisfaction over the phone, I went in person when I knew it would be the busiest time and I would have an "audience" he didn't want to hear what I had to say.

  4. Good for you Joansie, I can picture it...you with the audience...well done indeed.l They didn't know who they were messing with.

  5. I hope you didn't post because you've been having car trouble!
    Thanks for you comment on my blog! Marine Corps Kids would love to receive baby donations if you have them. Thanks for thinking of us!


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