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Monday, June 21, 2010

Crochet and Knitting Books

I'm pretty excited to have found these 2 books at Half Priced Books, plus that particular day there was an additional 30% off. I got a Christmas present while there too, but.......shhhhhhhhhh can't show that.

The Readers Digest looks to be a good how to type book with great details and pictures about how to make certain stitches and I really need that type of help. The 2nd book, Filet Crochet has some darling patterns that would make some nice afghan's or squares for afghans. I'll be using yarn though and not thread. I highly recommend both books and suggest you call your local Half Price Book Store to see if they have them. I already removed price sticker for the knitting book and sorry to say, don't remember what I paid for it; but thought it was a good buy at the time.

Anyone have these books? Funny, I learned to crochet first and have lots of separate pamphlet type patterns like from Leasure Arts, but lately have been more into books with knitting how to's. What's your routine? I have more patterns than I could ever make, and often look at them for ideas; but with crocheting have often not really followed the pattern. Much the way I cook....hum..........I'm seeing a pattern here of not using the patterns. lol


  1. Not me. I don't knit though I know the basics. I do have a couple of knitting books though as my daughter does a bit on occasion. Is that store online or a local store? I saw some books at Hobby Lobby I thought looked good but didn't pick them up but would at half price. ;-)

  2. never considered 1/2 price books, will look into it...can always use
    a new crochet book.....hope your summer is a good one...

  3. I learned to knit a few years ago, but not how to properly purl. And I hate to purl. So, I taught myself how to crochet. I find crocheting easier. I think because I only have to worry about one tool and not two.
    I like the look of the filet crochet. Sounds intriuging.


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