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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please take a look, Vote...I need feedback

I've made some badges for this blog and can't decide which one I like best. Would love some feedback to help me decide. Sandy's Space....how does one represent that. Space as in up in the sky, I love to garden, the page where one can make these fun badges doesn't have yarn, and that doesn't represent me always ...soooooooooooo what do you think:

Tell me which design you like, some are repeated with slight color changes, and or changes in font style or font size.

Heading to basement to throw load of laundry in, then outside to do more planting. Should get flowers done today? Think I need to make some black bean soup for Daddy, he loves black bean soup.

For fun...please scroll back to previous post, you can have fun with this video too, pass it along once you plug in your name. Too cute not to enjoy. Everyone needs a laugh.

PLEASE check this out, I'm still so moved by this I just can't put it all into words. THANKS BUNCHES LADIES!!


  1. My vote is for the pretty garden and the white picket fence! Tough decision! Hugs!

  2. Sandy, What I know about you from your blog;
    The white picket fence and the flowers...remind me more of you than any of the others.
    Elsie <><

  3. I think I agree, but I like the light post against the sky one too. The light kind of reminds me of all your good ideas and the "sky is the limit" for you!

  4. I like the fence :)

  5. I like the one with the fence post! :]

  6. This is fun...I agree with all these statements thus far. I liked the fence and flowers...homebodyish, family important, down to earth...I think that fits me...but the light and the sky hit me the same way they did Jan. Light for ideas, hubby's always saying I'm the idea person. The sky representing space....outter space?

    Keep those thoughts coming...I sneaked in from yard work, but really should be in the basement doing laundry...mumbling I will probably go there now. lol

  7. Yep, the picket fence and pretty flowers is my fave. My second choice would be the lamp post, primarily because it reminds me of lighthouses LOL Which site is that you used to make these?

  8. The light post and the sky was my 2nd choice!!! :)

  9. I have a fear of heights, so I like all the pictures except the one with the amusement park ride on it. That one makes me nervous. I really like the lamppost against the sky, too, and the picket fence and flowers would be my second choice.

  10. I really like the garden one. However I did not see much Gardening post on the blog. So I would pick the Flower in the sky. With Crafting and outside shots of parents, flower would be good. it would probably bring the most traffic. I try to make the widget tell somethings about My blog. That way traffic that comes will stay.

  11. Hi Sandy,

    The white picket fence with the beautiful carpet of pink flowers....is my vote


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