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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Badges, BlogUpp, and Bridge

Ok, the voting is in...see my new badge! I like it; but am keeping the lightpost in my file in case I want to change it somewhere down the line. Thanks to all who took the time to vote and voice your opinions, much appreciated. Please feel free to grab my badge and add to your blog. That way clicking will bring you here easily. Right click on above picture and save to your computer, add widget to your blogspot blog, click browse and find the picture on your computer; then add url for my blog which is http://4ccccs.blogspot.com/ I really need to change that, if I can remember all the places it's listed that way in order to get it changed. But, for now...I'm leaving it, even though it's a weird url.

This badge is one I made for Jan, my SIL. I know she'd love visitors. I also know lots of you are animal lovers so think you'll enjoy her blog. Tell her I sent you traveling her way.

Have you noticed my BlogUpp widget? It's cool. Click on it and you can find other interesting blogs. Add one to your own blog easily. No registration required. Simply click on the widget, once on their page, add your url and presto......you have a widget. Cut and paste the code on your blog and have fun visiting. It truly is quick, easy, and very enjoyable to go blog walking in places you might not otherwise have known about. Have fun!

And now for my 3rd B...funny how everything today was a B word! I've updated things over on The BridgeThanks so much for all the help. Please take a look and see what people working together can accomplish. And...please feel free to help spread the word, even if you yourself don't knit or crochet. Thanks!


  1. So now you are an official site,lol. sometimes getting the widget is the hardest thing. You can blog over to http://www.ovahcoffe.com she will show you how to make a Text box for your Widget. it makes it easier for bloggers to pick up your widget. Let me know if you would like any help.

  2. Thanks, Auntie...gonna check that out; it's something I've been wanting to learn.

  3. I'm so far behind the blogging times...but I do like your new badge and colors....

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Good choice

  5. Sandy......
    Hiya my friend....when you get a sec....drop me a line....I am just curious where abouts you live in Ohio? Are you in a city or rural setting.? What is the ecomny like where you are.? We are very HIGH taxed in Cuyahoga County..What county are you in? I would love to move away from here...now is not a good time with my DH being laid off...or is it? I would like to go to a rural/semi rural area south of here...Dresden is where I have my sights set, but my husband likes New Concord...either way
    it is away from here...when you get a second...


  6. Sandie, I clicked on the badge....nothing happened....did I click on the right place....
    I like the lampost too, but voted for the gate with flowers....



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