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Monday, May 18, 2009

Memory Monday, Mom

I'm calling this Memory Monday. I have memories and it's Monday... I may do this for awhile. I've posted memories of words that begin with the letters A, B, and C...so next up is the letter D.

Dancing and Delaware Dam.
Dancing, I was a young teenager getting excited about going to school dances, or dances during the summer months at the cities playgrounds that were run by the Recreation Department. Dancing...dancing with boys, pretty darn exciting in those days. Mom was always a good dancer. So, on Sat. we often turned on the TV, moved a chair or two and danced with Jerry Razor a local TV personality on a teenage dance show, or the more widely known American Bandstand with Dick Clark. Mom would show me steps as we watched and tried to figure out what they were doing on TV. So, the flip side of this was, I knew how to dance; but lots of the boys back then didn't. sigh...lol Still good memories though.

Delaware Dam. A place the family often traveled to in order to fish, to picnic and to just spend the day together outside. We traveled about an hour from home to get there, which seemed like forever to us kids. Sometimes we'd fish, sometimes we waded in the water, sometimes we'd roll down the grassy hills. We thought those hills were huge when we were kids. Seems everything seems so much bigger when you're young. Sometimes we walked across the dam which had an open grate and you could see the water below to get where we going for the day. I was always afraid, not sure why...but always felt relieved when we got safely to the other side.

Thanks for the memories Mom.
The purple iris is one of many in the backyard. They line the fence rows and are quite beautiful. The starts came from Mom and Dads backyard long ago. I had a vase full of them on the table last night, since Daddy was coming to dinner.


  1. Nice Post and great memories! I really like Iris'. I have some in my yard ,not out yet. need to work on planting more. i like your Widget.:-)

  2. How very cool that your mom taught you to dance. I always loved to dance, but I am not good at it.

  3. ahhhhh....the memories will sustain us.....in good and bad times....it is a gift for the heart
    and soothing for the mind...the Irises are loverly..what a beautiful boquet, and nice thought for when your Dad came to dinner.....

  4. Sandy, I've been lurking for quite awhile. I just wanted to tell you I remember Jerry Razor very well, as well as Delaware Dam. Happy memories will always warm your heart. My dad taught me to dance at a local dance hall where my older sisters would go every Saturday with their husbands...my mother died when I was 5 leaving just the two of us. I was a small girl, but I loved his taking me out on the dancefloor with the big kids. God Bless

  5. What wonderful memories! What a great idea! I am so sorry to hear about your mother. But how nice you can share your memories :)

  6. I'm making my way through your amazing links...
    Did you know that MY dad's favorite flower was an iris?

    As usual, beautiful photo. I'm going to have to have Chuck show me how to do this! I thought of you just now...I was up riding and then hosed Tango down afterwards...it was worthy of a video!

  7. How precious this post is..
    I too have some Mom flowers that I treasure.
    Elsie <><


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