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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sneezing, Stitching Sea and Sand on Sunday

Debated whether or not to bother with a picture of Sea and Sand. Wasn't sure you could tell I'd made some headway....I've lost track of my original ideas (there have been too many) in terms of the layout and the number of colors to use etc. The light blue variegated you see on the right side between the 2 sections of light gray was suppose to be the middle in which case I could happily say I'm working on the 2nd half. I've measured it again........not going to get the job done. Which means I need to go hunting again through my stash to see if I have something I can use after this currently light gray to be the middle ---double check and make sure I've got enough light gray to do 2 more sections after the middle before I can carry on with the plan. Bother.

Been sneezing up a storm of late. These allergies are killing me. I gave in and went to the Doctor the other day, something I rarely do but, I wasn't getting any relief from my current meds. He changed things up; though I can't tell if I'm making any headway or not. A big part of my job is talking to a room of people explaining what we're doing (I'm called a moderator). I've been hoarse for a week, making my job very difficult. That's also added strain to my voice, probably making me even more hoarse. The repetitious nature of my job...sometimes I'll do that as often as every 45 minutes and then a new group of people come in. Add to that working my hours then normal, with even more slated for next week. I'm pretty worn out.

Been trying to get back in the swing of wearing my pedometer to work to count my steps again. I do well for awhile then poof I find I'm not doing it again. Sigh. As I look at the pedometer from Thurday it reads, 11,443 steps which converts to 4.339 miles. Forgot to clear it and wear in on Friday. And thus I m tired.

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  1. Well the afgan looks great, I love the colours you've used so far. And I hope you feel better soon! Allergies are rubbish!

  2. I'm glad you did post your pic, as I don't think I've caught up with you for a few weeks, the colours are gorgeous, just like sea and sand, perfect!

    I hate allergies, I can deal with most things, but streaming nose and eyes really gets me down. This time of year always sees my asthma flare up so I am a sorry sight!

    Hope you get through this next week and get some sort of let up in your allergies so you can get some proper rest and recoup.

  3. Allergies suck..In our area it's ragweed..although I am not affected my mum is and it is awful for her..so I give you some virtual soft tissues..I hear the meds can be just as lousy..makes ya sleepy..feel better..

  4. Sea and sand looks lovely. I don't think I'll ever get tired of pictures of it :)

    Sorry about your allergies. DH's are acting up too. I was just at the store buying Aerius to get him through to the first frost. I'm also considering switching from dryer sheets to dryer balls, as I heard that a lot of people have allergies to those sheets.

  5. Oh, so sorry you're not feeling well, especially considering the work you do. I love your colors and the way they go from dark to light blue/gray...gorgeous. Is it a shawl or blanket? Did I miss that? Whatever, I love it! Have a great week and I hope the allergies give you a break!

  6. Sorry you're having such a taxing week. I hate allergies too. They can be really draining and like you said it can make even the simplest task seem 1000 times more difficult.
    On the knitting front I think the blanket looks great!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the sickliness! I hope that you start to feel much better soon. I think that the blanket is really coming along, although it is such a shame to run out of yarn. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Sea and Sand is beautiful! Absolutely lovely. Sorry that you're under the weather, I swear by anti-histamines from May to October.

  9. Love Sea and Sand. Hope you're feeling better by now...

  10. I've been similarly busy at work, so I can relate to the exhaustion. I hope you feel better. In the meantime, I'm glad you shared the picture because I love the colors. I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of the final project since you are switching up the yarns.

  11. The Sea and Sand is looking more stunning as it progresses. Please don't give up on it. I hope you are feeling better soon, and getting enough sleep.

  12. Sandy! I hope you are feeling better. Maybe you just a need a really good martini! Thanks for the Bloglovin tip too!


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