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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday, Squares no More

Surprised? Probably not, another afghan. A few YOP post ago I talked about needing to put away the feather and fan afghan (Sea and Sand) to work on something else. At the time I said that, was really thinking smaller projects. Well, guess not. This afghan is called Summers End. It's made from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond, my charity blog. I used a variegated tan and off white, (though I think it's just look solid) to do the edging and joining. It's drying here in the picture after being laundered. No huge need for blocking, but I do like to wash them all and tug/coax them a bit into proper shape while they'll dry. Also helps smooth out the various changes square to square and the actual joining seem.

Now, I wonder....where did I leave of with Sea and Sand? I don't remember, sure hope I put my counting card with it so I can properly pick up where I left off. **Edited to add....I did not. Picked up Sea And Sand last night. My counter was there indicating 4. Memory tells me it was a 4 row repeat and therefore I should start with row 1. Have looked around quite a bit without finding my index card where I had it jotted down. Will do some looking on RAV and see if I can or remember the particular one I was using.

Happy week to one and all. YOP badge and link in sidebar. Updated list in the tab across the top of the blog.


  1. I think your choice of colour for joining and edging works very well. You are lucky to have squares all the same size. Sometimes when accepting donated squares, one person's idea of 6-inches (or whatever the square size) is not always the same as somebody else's! Looking forward to seeing the Sea and Sand again.

  2. Paulineknit, you are so right. These squares were all from one person, but often I join squares that vary in size from different people. Some being knitted, some crocheted, some not even square. Sadly, some people really don't measure and those require a lot more of my time and patience. Because of that, I've recently changed my requirements for the donated squares to one size. Fingers crossed that helps.

  3. Oh, no! I hate it when I lose my notes or forget to write where I've written off. I love the blanket - your charity work is really wonderful and so important.

  4. Thanks Marie, appreciate the visit and comment. No luck finding my note, did figure out which row I was and for the minute am ok as it was a knit row, followed a row of purl, it's the next row...thinking I might be able to count it out and determine # of yo's and k2tog's.

  5. Oh dart! I'm terrible for putting things aside and forgetting where I left off! Reading the stitches of the last few rows might be the only way to go.

    I love the colour combo in End of Summer. With my crochet skills - or lack there of - I still struggle to get my own squares consistently sized :0

  6. Love the afghan! I like the sashing because it reminds of a quilt.

  7. Another lovely work of art, for a worthy cause. I do hope you found your counting card for the new project and had a good week.

  8. This came out really nice. Great job!


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