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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Late for a Very Important Date

Late to post, late to visit, behind in knitting and crocheting...(though I do have something to show you if you keep reading that involves yarn). Since I've been so late I missed 2 weeks, I'm posting this one early. (YOP badge and link in sidebar)

You've no doubt since this in my side or on Facebook or others blogs. Superpoints, a place to shop, clip coupons, play games, watch video's, do surveys and spin for lucky bonus points. Convert your points in to a gift card and or money. I convert mine into Amazon Gift Cards to help buy
these school text books. Used school text books for kids in need at my Darling Daughters school. This picture represents over $700.00 in used text books, and only takes care of 1 student. To date, I've donated $100.00 in Amazon Gift Cards towards this cause, and I believe my Darling Daughter's earned 70 ish? I've forgotten what she told me.
Have made good headway on this afghan since the picture (which was taken in order to do last weeks post.......see how behind I am). This afghan is for Bridge and Beyond and is called The End of Summer. When this is completed, which I hope will be soon...I hope to get back to Sea and Sand Ghan.

I've not made much headway on my list for YOP, but hope to in the near future. Join us and see what everyone is up to. (A plea to all my YOP friends, would you please please please, purdy please get rid of the captchas's on your blog. Many of you also use approvals, in which case you're doing double and really don't need the captcha's. AND, with the blogger filters you really don't need them, even if you're not using approvals. It soooooooooo slows down visiting. Most have to be done 2 or 3 times because they aren't readable).

If you'd like to help kids get needed text books, and or earn money for you and your family/ or gift cards. Click above superpoints badge or link. Let me know if you join, happy to help you get started. Joining is quick and easy. 3 steps:
  • register
  • verify your email addy
  • take care of profile requirements


  1. I use my superpoints for cash. I was very disappointed when they upped the ante for the reward. I rarely play now. I did just get five more dollars deposited in my Paypal.

  2. Sounds like you've done a lot for a great cause! And I agree about the captchas, I cannot read most of them!

  3. Sandy,

    I am so new blogging I don't know if my blog is one with captcha's but I too am having the same problem but only with Ruth's page...Ruth's Little Leprechaun's...think that's it...I tried almost 20 times to read that darn captcha, could not, I even tried the audio...have no idea how that is supposed to work either...never tried one before...so I feel your pain...I haven't been able to post on Ruth's page...I love the way your afghan is coming out and I am very far behind too..you have made more progress than me...I hope to cast on my next project by next week...good luck! Oh, and I only just figured recently how to post my update as the page of the update not just the website itself which is what I was doing...as for commenting on folks...I just didn't, but I have been reading...and now I am almost caught up with that...

  4. I admire all your efforts in making and donating your time and goods to others. Looking forward to seeing the completed "End of Summer".

  5. I'm with Pink Diva in that I am slowly figuring out the settings on my blog...however..I did manage to shut those capthca (?) off..


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