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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cable Scarf Completed

This is my first knit cable scarf. I love the yarn, the colors and the look of the cables. Prior to this the only time I had tried my hand with cables was with a wash cloth....Big mistake, cotton is so much harder to work with, no give to pull the stitches to make the cables. I have a cable knit skirt, I'd really like to make myself, but felt I needed a bit more practice with cables. Thus the scarf.

I used 3 different cable hooks/needles to see which I liked best; also good practice.

However...the scarf is much smaller then I had hoped. It's about 4 inches wide which is more narrow then I like them. And, it's shorter then I like; but ran out of yarn. In fact, only one edge is trimmed. I tried my hand with a knitted edge vs a crocheted edge. Normally I don't edge my scarves, but thought it might make it a bit widder....silly move, as I didn't have nearly as much yarn as I needed. And it's a wee bit tight in one area. Hopefully that will give a bit after blocked?

I decided I'd frog the edge so the scarf would be the same..........but, couldn't. Somehow, there was a bit of a snag and it wasn't coming out nicely; so then I grabbed my crocheted hook to get from causing further damage and........so, the scarf is edged on one side. Argh

So, when it's blocked I'll see the finished size and determine from there to whom it should be gifted/donated. I had hoped it might work for a student program my Daughters involved in, but am afraid it's too small. I'm also hopeful, the edge no edge isn't a huge deal.

It's Friday folks, make your way around to see all the finished objects on Friday. See badges and links in sidebar.

**must remember to grab darning needle and work in my tail**


  1. I love the scarf and think it's brilliant for a a first cabled one!
    Guess you will a little width with the blocking but probably not too much.
    Personally, I think this scarf works really well because it IS narrow and short

  2. I love the cabled scarf. It looks amazing. I recently fell in love with cables XD

  3. It looks great. The edge will probably be invisible to the average person (a.k.a., a non-knitter).

  4. YOu did a great job on the cabled scarf..it will be warm and wonderful for someone

  5. Your cabled scarf looks perfect. When blocking you can 'open out' the cables to make it wider, that is to open out the space between the cables. I am sure that whoever gets the scarf will love it.


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