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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scarfin it up

Red Scarfs! The first one is knit with Airy Aunt Bee, so nice and soft. It's the brighter one of the 3. Wish this pictures would load in the order I actually put them in. sigh

The 2 darker reds are both crocheted. The 2nd one I made was with Caron Simply Soft (hate working with that yarn), it's the one pictured on the far right. I do like the texture. Used 2 dc followed by 1 fpdc, continued that pattern throughout. I did not switch to bpdc on the next row, but continued with the fpdc. Added to both ends and around edge with Red Heart, as I ran slightly short. Gave it a bit more substance and a wee bit of shading.

The 3rd scarf, the one pictured in the middle here was my favorite. I did blocks of stitches and really like how they show up with the solid dark red. sc, dc, v-stitches. All 3 were mailed off 2 days ago for The Red Scarf Foundation. Two measured 68 inches, while the 3rd one measured 76 inches long. Widths varied from 6-7.5-8 inches.

Thanks for the good wishes regarding the mess left from Ike, much appreciated. Heading to The Ohio State Football Game shortly, so no more clean up today. We'll hopefully get the rest of it done tomorrow.

Working on the blue and white scarfs now for The Special Olympics. Just finished the 3rd one last night (no pics yet), and hope to get one more done with the yarn I have left.


  1. Beautiful scarves!

  2. Very nice, you have been extremely busy. Load your pictures in reverse order. Because Blogger always add a picture above a previous one.

  3. nice scarves, hope you enjoy the game! :] you deserve a break

  4. They're gorgeous! Love that design!

  5. Love the scarves, Great job.............I always load my pictures first, then type, or if I type and then decided to add pictures, I move my pictures where I want them. I sent my 2 scarves out last week. I hope to get another one done, but I do not think I will, especially since I have fallen ill with a dreaded bug....
    Hope you had a grat day.

  6. Great scarves Sandy!! I also am not fond of the simply soft yarn. I find that it splits an awful lot.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. Love the texture of those scarves!

  8. All of your scarves are beautiful. I can see why that 3rd one is your favorite...love it too :)

  9. love the scarves so pretty!!

  10. sandy can you email me please:)

  11. Beautiful scarves.
    Sometimes blogger will let me drag and drop a picture but I do put them in reverse order sometimes.


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