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Friday, September 12, 2008

Exploring The University of Virginia & Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, an interesting yet controversial man. Knowledgeable, a man before his time in some regards, forward thinking in some areas, and yet without backbone in other areas. He understood principals of building and invention...things if in use today, we would be warmer when we needed to be and cooler when we needed to be without being hard on the enviornment. He used materials, lay of the land, position of the sun etc. as well as building above or below the ground to accomplish this. Certainly he was a man before his time there. A man who didn't believe in slavery, and yet had slaves that he never freed. Even if you don't accept that he fathered children from his famous slave, Sally...it is proven that he didn't free his slaves. And yet, he thought highly of them, they traveled with him and were his clothes friends. A man of principals, but no backbone perhaps to do what he knew to be right? Financially, also a man of controversy, one hard to respect. He died a pauper, things had to be sold to pay his outstanding debts, and yet he had vast holdings in land, furniture, people (his slaves). He never used his own money and always lived above his means....sounds all too familiar with todays problems, doesn't it? He must have been charming and able to convence people to support him all along the way, while others worked hard and had very little....makes no sense to me. He's primary believe was that man needed to be indepdant and self sustaining..........he wasn't at all. He depending on the work of slaves, he depending on others money. Loved touring the Unv. and highly recommend it.
**Finished the 2nd red scarf pictured in previous post
***Started 3rd red scarf (should be finished with it today), in order to mail those 3 tomorro..picture later
****Made one slipper, need to make the 2nd one AND tuck in threads on pair thats finished
*****Hope to start a scarf for The Special Olympics during the OSU game tomorrow night
******need to work on the pink and purple ghan pictured several posts ago, haven't made progress
Have a good weekend all


  1. Great plans and completed projects and I love the Jefferson photos. What a lovely place.

  2. Sandy, you have beautiful things here...
    Thanks for visiting my blog...

  3. Sandy, you asked about the test pattern I completed. Here's the link to the store where LeAnna is selling it.

    LeAnna Lyons is her name.

  4. Hi Sandy --- no, I haven't left blog land LOL! It's just been extremely busy and I just haven't felt like taking pictures of my "stuff". Maybe this week coming up.
    U of Virginia looks really neat. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. k...Leg is up. lol
    How interesting a man, Jefferson was. Great pics Sandy. Thanks for sharing.
    Your scarves are wonderful and will keep someone nice and warm this winter.

  6. What a beautiful place! And you seem to be just as busy as ever! :) I need to get my stuff out and start working on stuff for my hubby's niece, she'll be having her baby in less than a month now!

  7. Hey Sandy,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I am still trying to plug away on my crafting the nation challenge...I have plans but I am also starting to work on Christmas presents, so I'm kind of trying to split my time between charity work & presents!

    If you see a map that I could adjust that would be awesome. Good idea!

  8. ok this worked but if I hit reply where does it go to?


  9. oh forgot to tell you a RR is a Round Ripple:)


  10. Hi Sandy,
    I nominated you for the I Love This Blog award. Check out http://craftycorral.blogspot.com/ for more info. :)

    I always enjoy reading about your escapades and the many beautiful projects you have going. Saw some of your donations somewhere just this morning.

  11. Hey Sandy, my weekend has been good. Thanks for the nomination as well. Right now though I have some serious advise. I'm working on Eli's boggin and I wanted to make it and Alabama one. It is grey in color, should I buy a patch and sew it own? I don't want it to look girly at all. I'm thinking Alabama patch...... What's your input?

  12. Hi Sandy! Thank you for all the wonderful comments you have left on my blog. Hubby and I just got back from a trip out to Avalon, Catalina Island so I am trying to catch up on email and blog posts.

    I read your comment over at Crafty Corral about how ruff the red heard super saver is and I have to agree. That is some harsh stuff. I feel that they have really gone down hill with most of their lines of yarn.

    You do beautiful work!!



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