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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#885 Delft and #311 White = SPECIAL OLYMPICS

5,000 Delft Blue and White scarfs are needed for the upcoming Special Olympics. These colors are chosen to match the colors of The Special Olympics, being sponsored by Coats & Clark (Red Heart). These colors are there's only. The request if to have every participant, judge, and official wearing hand knit and hand crochet scarfs. As of a previous publication, 1,000 had been received. No clue when the deadline for the publication was; to know how many more have been collected since then. I do know groups here on Blogger, and some over on Ravelry, and in Crochetville working on this project.
My 3 completed ones are all crocheted: 1 6 3/4 x 68, 2nd one is 6.5 x 72, and 3rd one is 5 3/4 x 74. The one in the works is being knitted and measures 5 1/2 inches wide. I've only knitted 15 inches so far; but would like to finish and get all 4 in the mail soon. I think that will do it for me on this project (and take care of the 2 special colors I search high and low for here in town).
I'm not real thrilled with my one in the works; contemplating ripping it out. Hum...will ponder while at work today.
Have made 2 6 x 9 rectangles (need to make lots more) for HAP
Have 2 pair of slippers for Pine Ridge (want to make lots more)
Candy Corn Ghan still on back burner, haven't touched it in a very long time
Thinking about booties next---red, white, and blue ones. Patriotic Booties for our newborns of our military.


  1. Can you even see your hands when you're knitting or crocheting? I bet they are just a blur. :P
    You gotta keep a count so at the end of the year we can have a total # of FO's. You probably have more in 2 months than I have all year. lol

  2. Great job Sandy. Keep up the good work. My blog is not down but I don't know what is going on some can't get to it. I have checked all my settings.

  3. Sandy, they turned out beautiful!! You do great work.

    Not sure why you are having trouble getting to sis's blog. I've let her know though.

    Have a great week!!


  4. great work on the scarves:)

    can you send me you email again the last one didn't work it came back to me:(

  5. LOVE the scarves - all of them! The blue and white really make a statement, don't they? It's a pretty color, that delft blue. But then I'm partial to blues. I have just a bit of the blue left and a good bit of white. With some thought I might could get another one out of what's left.

  6. You out did yourself once again...all your scarves are beautiful :)

  7. The scarves are lovely! Some of the ladies in my crochet guild are making these scarves also, and they had a tough time finding the yarn, too. Apparently the delft blue is really tough to find in the stores, which is a shame because it really is a pretty color.

  8. Wow, Sandy --- you are still really busy making a difference in this world!! I love all the scarves you are making. I think my favourite is the blue and white striped one, with the stripes running vertical.
    I noticed that I signed your blog last time under my other username (charityknitter)-- sorry about that as you probably had no clue who that was LOL!
    I love coming to see what you are up to! Hugs for you :)


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