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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Damage from Ike

So many people had damage from Ike, we had quite a bit in Ohio. We were losing a limb about every 15 minutes during the 75 mph winds that hit central Ohio on Sunday. We were one of the 500,000 people without electric. Schools, post offices, and many businesses including grocery stores were closed due to no electric. Ice was hard to come by. This is my front and back showing some of the downed limbs and parts of trees. We got our electric back Tuesday night about 9, my folks got there's back the following day, Wed. at about the same time. There are still folks who are without, and still plenty of trees in need of clean up. We worked on the front yard first and my husband made 4 trips to the dump with a large full and over full rented trailor. He was able to get the stuff from our front, and 5 of our neighbors, as well as the stuff from my folks yard. Last night we began to work on the back tree and have all the stuff we can do without more help. The large limb in the back is stradling the fence, and is quite heavy. This tree actually is our neighbors, but fell in our yard.
Thankful though we didn't have more damage, and know what we experienced is nothing compared to what those in LA and Texas went through with these recent hurricanes.
Hope all are getting back to normal.
**heading to post office and then to work (mailing 3 red scarfs for The Red Scarf Project).


  1. Glad you are safe and that you have your electricity again. Still a lot of work when there are downed trees, etc.

  2. So sorry you were hit but very grateful that you and yours are safe and made it through without any greater loss.

  3. good thing you're safe, although the fallen trees and lost electricity are definitely a bummer.

  4. Sorry to hear you had so many trees down. Unfortunately, I am familiar. Empathize with the no electricity. Generators are a blessing! I yearned for a cool tie! LOL They should pass those out with the MREs.

  5. So sorry to hear about all the damage. We've been lucky so far...Knock on wood. We do know what's like though from way back when Gloria struck. We had lots of damage and uprooted trees plus shingles off of our roof. We lost power for a week. Not good.

    Good luck getting back to normal:)
    Hope this weekend is better for you :)


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