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Monday, December 24, 2012

Sandy Hook Families

Here's Box of Crayons in it's next phase.  Only 6 squares left to edge, 3 rows already joined, and other corners tied together at the ready stage for joining.  This afghan should be completed and begin it's journey to a grieving Sandy Hook family very soon.  The idea for assembling comfort ghans comes from a blogging friend (and one who donates regularly to Bridge and Beyond, Marie Anne (check out her group on Facebook Hands, Hearts and Hugs; the squares were donated to Bridge and Beyond. **Edited Dec 28th, squares are on HOLD for Marie Anne's group.  Sandy Hook has asked that people please stop sending gifts etc.  The future of her group is not yet determined.  This afghan will be donated to Project Welcome Home, here on Bridge and Beyond........the original intent of the squares.

When people come together in the benefit of others, the end result is heart-warming.

This post is a day late for our Sunday, Year of Progress.  Links in tab across the top of the page.

Things here have busy, as no doubt things are in your house.  Darling Daughter spent the bulk of yesterday wrapping all the presents, both those she's giving as well as those from Hubby and I.  She's quite good at that and does a nicer job of it then I do.  Thank You Christine.  Hubby and I spent about 3.5- 4.0 hours making egg casseroles for the family.  When we gather tonight for the family Christmas Eve Celebration there will be I think 21 of us...a few less then Thanksgiving.  Everyone takes egg casseroles home for their family breakfast/brunch Christmas Morning.  It's quite a production, 8 pounds of sausage, 3 dozen eggs, 2 sandwich loafs of bread, 3 pounds of cheese, gallon and half of milk,  full container of diced onions, almost full container of Mrs. Dash, lots of foil, and foil pans.  In addition to those in the family, I made a couple of casseroles for neighbors.  I don't bake Christmas cookies.

Peace and Goodwill to all.
Safe Travels to everyone traveling to be with loved ones, and please keep those who can't be with loved ones in your hearts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


  1. Egg casserole sounds like a nice Christmas tradition. We usually do a bagels and cream cheese brunch :)

    Box of crayons looks very bright and cheery. I hope the recipients are comforted by the love and good wishes that go into it.

  2. Wow, that's a huge breakfast! Have a great time.

    And exactly what Minding My Own Stitches said, above.

  3. I love the idea of breakfast casseroles instead of cookies. Merry Christmas to you and yours! (oh, and the afghan is looking great! lovin' those colors)

  4. Thanks for the nice visits and comments.

  5. I made a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning last year & it was such a big hit that I did it again this yr. I like the idea that I make it the day before & bake it in the morning while opening gifts.

    Afghan looks great! I know it will be appreciated. I used to bake 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies. Now, I make fudge & pizelles & I'm done. I think that family appreciates it more, too.

  6. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I love the afghans you make, I think they're a wonderful project and a great way to bring some confort to people who are touched by tragedy.

  7. The afghan is coming on well and looks superb. Whoever receives it should be very appreciative.

    Your breakfast cooking must be a massive task! I hope it was enjoyed by all.

  8. I'm impressed by how quickly you can make an entire blanket, you are so wonderful to be making something with so much meaning behind it.


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