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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Making a List

 My list says make 10 afghans using donated squares from Bridge and Beyond and donate afghans for Project Welcome Home.   This one is in the works and will be called Buckeye Blitz.  The red squares aren't quite large enough to just join so am adding 2 rows of DC, will re-measure and consider adding other colors if necessary.  Stay tuned.
Here's Christmas Time.  I was about to call this finished and get it in the laundry to block, but...wasn't sure I wanted to end on a red row.  Soooooooo,

I didn't.  Am amazed how different I think it looks with adding a green row.  Now, it looks finished to me.  This afghan made from crocheted filet squares is made up of 5 shapes, Christmas Tree, Bell, Candy Cane, Santa Sleigh, and Wreath.  I crocheted the squares together with white, did 4 rows of DC, followed by a row of both red and green in sc for the border.  Now it can be laundered and blocked.  This is ghan #4, so 6 to go.

Haven't knitted any this past week, so no headway with either The Traveling Scarf, or Sea and Sand Ghan.

For a change actually writing my post early, this is Sat and tomorrow will make my rounds for YOP, see list and link in tab across the top of the blog.


  1. I totally agree about that green row - it looks just right! Another lovely FO!

    Thanks for leaving a comment about my Feb Lady Sweater - I have left you a reply, but in case you don't see it, this is what it says

    "Hi Sandy, the pattern is mostly really easy to follow and clear, but there is one section which simply instructs to space x number of increases evenly into y number of stitches - but the number didn't divide evenly so I procrastinated about working it out. When I asked the question on my facebook page, I was given a great link which immediately solved the problem for me, so if you want to knit it, you can find the link on my Ravelry project page and you shouldn't have the same issue. xxx"

    Wishing you a lovely week x

  2. Both afghans look really great Sandy! I am in the homestreat with the one you gave me to work on. Will let you know when its complete.

  3. Sarah, thanks for the follow up on the sweater, much appreciated. Yippee Sherry, if you're close to done; you must be feeling better. Glad to hear you're back in the pink.

  4. I like the Christmas Time afghan. The extra row of green really works - using the both colours of the squares to tie everything together. Your enthusiasm for making these afghans really shines through.

  5. Thank you Pauline, sure appreciate the sweet comment.

  6. I LOVE the Christmas time blanket! Absolutely beautiful! I hope you will be celebrating the holiday season with a martini! I found Ketel One Vodka (it's a Dutch vodka - nice and smooth tasting) here in Basel. Tastes so good!!

  7. Thanks Martini, the Christmas Ghan was a big hit when I delivered it to The Homeless Families Foundation, everyone loved it. Ketel One Vodka is one of the more pricey ones here. I used to use it, then tried others that I liked better; but glad you've been able to find something there.

  8. Your Christmas Time turned out really pretty!


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