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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing again in the Sandbox

A really quick picture.  Didn't even take time to smooth it out; but wanted to get my YOP post up actually on Sunday this week.  Geesh...I get getting way laid.  It's no longer tied together, it is now one piece and I'm working on the edge/border.  Currently I think I'll do a couple of rows of single crochet, then measure it and decide if it needs a few more inches, and or needs a special border.  Some afghans really look best simple to me, others need a little help with a special border.  Until all those ends are gone from crocheting everything together it's hard for me to decide.

This is the only project I've worked on this week, so not much change in my list for year of projects.  This is an afghan, like so many made from various sized donated squares through Bridge and Beyond.  It will be donated as a house warming gift for a homeless family moving from shelter living into their permanent housing situation.  It's used as a good luck for the future, congrats on what you've accomplished and a reminder many of us are pulling for them to make it. 

YOP badge and link in tab across the top of the blog, join us; it's a fun meme

progress pictures:
step 1.   Designed and barely started with edging the different sized squares
step 2.  Edged, all squares now the same size, tied and ready to join


  1. You know, unless you need it for size, I don't think this one needs much of a border. It looks pretty good already :)

    I know what you mean about getting waylaid - I barely managed to post on the right day this week too. And there's not much progress to show. Things seem to be piling up a bit. Maybe this is the week we all get caught up?

  2. Really love Playing in the Sand Box and it certainly seems like one of those afghans that don't require much of a border unless of course you need it for size. Its so pretty all by itself. Some Sundays its so hard to fit everything in isn't it

  3. Thanks Minding My Own St and Ruth, I'm leaning that direction, that it doesn't need a special stitch border. I like the colors, and seems appropriate for either a man or a woman. Sometimes a special edge can make things look feminine..so might steer clear of that. Appreciate the visits and nice comments.

  4. I agree, I think there is a kind of "clean" look to this afghan and it doesn't need a fancy border. I love the colors - definitely unisex.

  5. I think a simple border would look lovely, though that is a great afghan as it is. And I really admire you making them, it's a great cause


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