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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sandbox all Tied Up

(WIPW, badges in above Tab)
Making good progress with above afghan, Sandbox.  All squares have now been edged to even things up, and tied together so the process of crocheting the ghan together can now begin.  Funny when I named this afghan, I hadn't really decided what I was going to use to edge and join.  Found several skeins of this variegated in my stash that had been donated, by Rae I think from memory (over on Bridge and Beyond).  Guess the name on the skein....go ahead, Guess.  Driftwood....how perfect is that!  Seriously this is old yarn from K-Mart (Sayelle).  So few K-Marts still open, it's been YEARS since they sold yarn, lol.  I just like the shades and thought it would work.  Am thrilled how well it goes.  Couldn't have matched it better if I'd planned it.  lol

Better to be lucky then good, hubby says that alot.

Anyone having trouble adjusting to the new format of blogger?  I really dislike the dashboard area, it's not nearly as easy to do things, find things and takes longer to do everything.  Don't know why when something works well, people feel the need to change things up.  Irritating.

Been busy on both Superpoints, and Swag Bucks earning points, and swag bucks and racking up Amazon Gift Cards.  ($110.00 from Superpoints, and $70.00 on SwagBucks...haven't been there as long).  Think what you could do for your family with that amount of money/giftcards.  All mine go to my DD who uses them to buy necessary school text books for kids in need in inner city St. Louis.  I encourage you all to join one or both systems, if you've not yet done so.  They work very similar, but do have some differences.  If you join either, sing out and let me know if you have questions or need help getting started.  Have links for both above, just click on the words.  With both systems you earn by doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, clipping coupons, buying either Groupons or just buying.  With Superpoints you earn by spinning the lucky wheel (best to do it daily), on Swag Bucks you earn by searching the net (something we all do daily anyway).

Happy Wednesday.

It's important to vote, if you've not yet registered...hurry.  If you're voting absentee be sure and check the amount of postage needed...it varies even county to county.  If you have the option to vote early you can safe yourself time waiting in line.


  1. Your afghan looks great. It's getting chilly here so I need to get them all out ready for getting cozy.

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