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Monday, October 01, 2012

The 2nd Half

No, I'm not talking about the 2nd half to a football game.  lol  The 2nd half of my long work in progress project, my feather and fan afghan, named Sea and Sand.  Because I didn't really have a pattern per say, just the pattern stitches, size, amount of yarn were undetermined.  Therefore, there have been lots of adjustments.  The brown variegated is the middle and I'm working on the 2nd half which will be a repeat in design and pattern...not however the same variegated stripes between.  The middle brown variegated doesn't blend as well as I would have hoped...not as well as the chosen variegated next to the tan or the dark gray or light gray yarns...bit more of a blending there; but using yarn on hand (much too large of a stash to go buy yarn), it's ok I think.  It currently measures 50 x 33 inches without being layed out completely smooth etc...didn't want it to fall off the edges of the needles.  It will end up being a nice sized family size afghan.

A day late getting my YOP post up, but better late then not at all, right!  Links and badges for all meme's found in the tab across the top of the blog.  Please join us, the more the merrier.

Happy week of stitching all.  Since my last several posts have been this afghan and it's progress, believe I'll switch gears as while.  Pop in on Wednesday to see what I have up my sleeve then for work in progress, Wednesday.


  1. Sea and sand is looking great and what an apt name for it.

  2. Your blanket is looking wonderful, it really reminds me on summer holidays at the beach. Lovely!
    Have a great week! Barbina

  3. I know you don't think the middle brown doesn't blend well, but it really looks fine...it's huge, isn't it!

  4. Thanks ladies for the visits, and nice comments. I appreciate both.

    Nauget Bluff...I'm not able to get to your blog, when I click on your name it goes to something that looks pinterest, but says google +, apparently only members can comment. It would be best for you to use the name url option and put the link to your actual blog, or blog post so people can return to your blog.

  5. Love your blanket colors...they fit the name perfectly

  6. That blanket is named perfectly, it's beautiful and I love the colour choices!

  7. Booties are adorable. I have yet to try crocodile stitch.


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