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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sandbox Play

 Some time back I designed this ghan from donated squares, back and tagged it.  I had 2 names on the label, Sand Box and Earth II.  I had previously named one Earth or Earthy.  I decided to go with Sandbox for this one.  The squares are close to the same size, but not quite, so will need some adjustments with the edging before joining this afghan.  Interesting how different an afghan can look based on the edging one selects.  Here it's without, layed out on the living room floor.
 The other day, I decided it was time to start another project, no that doesn't mean Sea and Sand is finished, just means I need something to switch off from knitting the large feather and fan afghan.  Here it is when about half the squares edged in a tan, white, and beige variegated yarn.  I had it on the spare bed, kept staring at it...trying to decide whether to go with an off white solid or something different.  After a couple of days, I decided to go with the variegated and I pleased I did...I think it really makes the look of sand.  It also, I think brightens this ghan.  Looked a bit dull/dark before hand.
A close up so you can see how the variegated is pulling it together, or at least I think so.  Might look a bit wonky against the flowered red breadspread vs the solid tan carpet.  lol

Happy Wed, and happy stitching one and all.  All WIPW badges and links are found in the meme's tab on top of the blog.  Please join us and have fun.


  1. I can definitely understand that you might need a break from Sea and Sand - I bet it's getting very heavy on the needles now.

    I'd be quite frustrated with all those slightly different sized squares. But you're right; the edging pulls it together :)

  2. Good choice! I've never thought of a varigated yarn to join squares. But it looks great. Thank you for bringing up the idea.

  3. Love all the work do. I also agree with babajeza that the variegated yarn was a great choice.

  4. It may be a bit dull but I also agree with Babajeza. Variegated yarn is unusual to join squares and I think it is a great idea.

  5. I also like to crochet but I have never made squares like yours. I usually made long strips and then stitched them all together. I can see you have been working very hard..Great Job!!



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