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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Before Thanksgiving

No doubt this is big and busy day for all, getting ready for tomorrow.  Some may be shopping for food, others doing food prep, and others traveling to be with their loved ones during this special time.  Here in our house, all the above are taking place.  I've done some food prep, and need to pick up a few items at the grocery, and am awaiting the arrival of our daughter, DD that she is.  She get's in this evening and I'm pretty excited.  It's been way too long since we've been together.  Was back in July.  Soooooooooo, though I have lots to do, hurry nightfall.  For all my friends traveling for the holidays, please be safe.

Now onto work in progress Wednesday (all badges and links in tab across the top of the blog.  My previous post was Sunday's YOP where you saw several afghans...well work continues, please scroll back. 

On Friday, I'll show you the completed My Granny Ghan.  But, today you can see the progress of Buckeye Blitz.  I think even with adding 2 inches of gray to the squares, something else may be needed to make this ghan a bit larger then a lapghan size.  For now, I'm thinking maybe a row (sc) of black around each square followed by a row or two of lighter gray?  The red squares measure 8 inches, but because I like the look of just these squares and am not adding other squares to them....will play through for awhile and let it unfold.  Thoughts?

This is another of ghans being assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond to be donated to Project, "Welcome Home".

Join us for WIPW, it's fun.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.


  1. wow, you have so much going on. i love the colors in the project you posted a photo of.

  2. Interesting to see your thought process on that afghan! :)

  3. I'm very excited to see the finished blanket! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Very nice. I love to make afghans.

  5. Wish I was as organised as you.


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