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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three in the Works

 It's Sunday, time for another Year of Projects Post (badge and links in tab across the top of the blog).  Got 3 afghans going at the moment (well really 4 if you count my on going knitting on Sea and Sand...even though it's been idle this week, so no updated picture to show you).  Pushing forward on my list it says 10 afghans from donated squares, 2 down and 8 to go.  Well...here's the next 3.  Several thoughts on this, it's really red, made me think of candy canes and almost thought of edging with wide white and joining and bordering in white...but, I thought it would limit it's use due to dirt, and how it might not be real versatile.  Sooooooooo, how about Buckeye Blitz?  After all, Buckeye colors are good all year long, and the large percentage of the people in the state do follow the Buckeyes.  Sooooo, current plan is to edge squares in the dark heather gray (2 rows), then re-measure and either add black or lighter gray...depending on how it looks and how it measures.  **Since photographing I've made headway with a handful of squares being edged**
 This will make a wonderful welcome home for a family moving from the shelter into permanent housing as we're in the holiday season.  I don't think there's a need to edge these squares at all, as the size will be appropriate as is.  I will crochet these together with white, and check my stash for perhaps a dark green for the border..or at least that's my current thought.  **Since laying this out, have made some headway, in that it's all tied together ready to go. Hoping to start crocheting it together either tonight or tomorrow**  Christmas Time is this one's name.
This is the same picture I posted previously, My Granny is the name of this one, but it's almost finished as I post this morning.  Only have 2 more rows to join and then will work on the border with black of course.  Might get this finished yet today.

All 3 are being made from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond, and all will be donated to Homeless Families for Project Welcome Home.

Work continues on Sea and Sand (knitted afghan), and the jewel tone traveling scarf.


  1. What a wonderful thing you're doing! I love them all but My Granny has to be my favorite. I love doing afghans. Now that I'm trying to learn to knit I can't watch t.v. and knit or I mess up...dang it! Crochet is great for t.v. watching! LOL!

  2. I really love how not only are those blankets functional, they are also beautiful and bright! Each of them is sure to brighten the thoughts of those families starting over. You are amazing.

  3. Really love the afghans in the works, you never cease to surprise me with how many you get done. I could just see in my mind the candy cane colours that you were suggesting for buckeye but think your right on the white and the grey compliments the red really well as well. Love the holiday themed one and what a gorgeous piece to have for each coming holiday season. Love the Granny one, has a real vintage feel to it.

  4. Wow, such pretty squares this time round. Looks like most of these are also well matched size-wise, so that must be a relief. I think a heathery grey border is wise; a white border would likely get filthy in a hurry. It certainly would in my house :)

  5. the colors are just right..these will be greatly appreciated!

  6. That final afghan looks like the ones my grandma used to make. It makes me want to learn how to crochet. I like the afghans you're making

  7. I love the Christmas one, that will be perfect for a family moving into a house over Christmas, especially if they don't have many decorations. It'll add just the right amount of cheer.

  8. What a generous person you are, Sandy. They are all lovely, I love the texture and boldness of the top one.

  9. Sandy! You put me to shame! I am good but have been knitting Christmas ornaments for the family! And have been consuming a martini a night ... just to keep the holiday stress at bay! Cheers! Sarah


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