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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reviewing a Year of Projects

WOW...our last post for a Year of Projects ....

My Year of Projects List for July 2012-July 2013(see updates in green Italics)

My Afghan Goals:
To complete 12 afghans:
10 from donated squares (9 down and 1 to go)
1.. Summers End
2.  Sandbox 
3. My Granny
4. Christmas Time 
5.  Buckeye Blitz
6.  Box of Crayons 
7.  Arapaho
8.  Desert Rose 
9.  Iris and Lillies 
Complete Candy Corn Afghan (longest work in progress project EVER)
Finish the Feather and Fan Afghan (knitted), that finally has a name, Sea and Sand
  **Sea and Sand in the works

The afghan picture is Sea and Sand, it is very close to finished.  I'm doing the last couple of rows of the final section, the dark gray section.  Then need to work in end, launder and block.  

I did not get the last afghan of the 10 made from donated squares.  I lost steam. 

The goal accomplished last year, learn to cable. I want to make a skirt for myself using this new skill. Need to re-find the pattern for starters.
**Well it seems I'm already altering in come capacity.  I am working on a cable scarf which I never put on the list, needed to practice the cables I thought; plus was traveling and needed a small project that would travel well.  The cabled scarf DONE

I want to make time for working on items other than the above afghans. I kept so busy with those last year, many other wanted projects didn't happen.  Didn't really accomplish this so much.  Seemed there never was enough time to do much beyond the ghans.  A few small things here and there only.

Cast on....I know there are other methods beyond the traditional one I always use. I get all tangled up when I try to do the thumb one and so ....do it old school...the long slow way. Would like to learn another faster cast on.

Did not accomplish this either.  Egads, I'm not doing to well.  

I have a knitting machine, haven't used it in over a year. In fact removed it from my office in order to make room for my antique Treedle Singer Sewing Machine. Would like to set up a space in the basement and use it some again for accomplish quick things for charity, Bridge and Beyond.

Nope...no headway with this either beyond talking with hubby about the logistics of how this might work.

Personal Projects:
 Need to block a blue scarf I knitted AND cable scarf mentioned above
Want to try the above mentioned cable skirt
Misc whatever items for DD (perhaps the jewel tone traveling scarf now in the works) and family, made scarf intended for DD, but ..colors didn't come out the way I hoped. (that was the above cable scarf, and she tells me she really doesn't need another, yet.  So perhaps it will be donated.  Project turned into a Green Sweater which is in the works.
perhaps even some washcloths for myself....in the works

No further headway with the green sweater for DD, never got around to blocking said scarves, and the cotton cloths I initially made for myself, ended up being gifts for others.

So, I conclude I did NOT do well with my list; debating about whether or not to get on board for the up coming year.  I went quite a few weeks without posting and linking because I didn't feel I had much to report.  We'll see how the sign up goes, and how the wind is blowing before I make a final decision.  Though, I'll not lose contact either way, as I think I have you all in my blog log.

Inviting you all with or without yarn to pop back in tomorrow for Memory Monday.  I've been enjoying posting pictures from the way back machine, but your memories don't have to be from long ago....unless you're as old as dirt, like me....you may not have pictures and memories that old.  Grab the badge, post a picture and tell us the story or memory of the picture, link back here and visit others.  Let's make Monday a less dreaded day.


  1. I like your idea of having different learning goals for the year in regards to knitting. Now I must go and look into skills that I am interested in but I still don't know how to do :)

  2. You had great ideas with learning new skills. I'm sorry it didn't work out and that the ghans took so much time. It is a wonderful thing you do making and donating them but its not much fun if you don't have time for the other things you enjoy also. Glad to hear we won't be loosing you entirely and if you don't do another year it will be nice to keep in touch.

  3. Thanks Mona for the visit and mysparemoments. Trying to get organized for another round...I think.

  4. I so hope that you will join us for year 3 of YOP. I, also fell off the blogging wagon for months. It is hard to post when there is not much progress being made or when there is a lot of progress being made and you don't want to stop knitting/crocheting to post about it. Love reading your blog and will continue whether you join YOP or not.

  5. A review of my goals? and finished projects? Yikes! What a bold title! I am afraid to go and look at my projects. My goal for this summer is to just finish what is on the needles. Not going so well as my summer has just started.

  6. Marsha thanks, am giving it thought. I was better about blogging then actually having knitting or crocheting to blog about, lol.

    Martini, I like the idea of getting everything off the needles, that in of itself is a good goal!

  7. You should definitely do YoP again! Maybe you didn't finish all the things you wanted to, but it sounds like pretty much everyone is being more flexible with the way they manage their list next year. Use Year of Projects more as a comprehensive way to keep track of everything you do, even if that means you end up knitting 3 things and none of them are on your original list. It's a great reminder to keep up with your yarn crafts.

  8. I like your thought process Crochetbyconroy...believe I will indeed go round again.

  9. I think you did fantastically. I cant believe you managed that many afghans in a year. Focus on just how much you have done, an how my peoples lives youve brought kindness and anyone into. I would love to see you back, I really enjoy your updates

  10. Maybe you need to go to a knit night at your local LYS to learn the thumb cast on? That's the way I was taught as a kid, but when I cast on some stitches to swatch a pattern for a teenager at a knitting group at the public library they all went gaga! Apparently it's not as common as I thought. They were all doing cable cast-ons which are okay in some circumstances, but I find the thumb cast on MUCH faster.

    You DID get a ton of afghans done, even if you didn't get far with your YOP list. Maybe you need to alternate? Sometimes I think that you put projects for others ahead of your own. It wouldn't be selfish to alternate :) You are one of the most UNSELFISH crafters I've come across!

  11. You may feel that you didn't do well on your list, but what you did get done is for such a worthy cause. Maybe the other items on your list just did not catch your fancy after writing them down for all to see? We will be sad to not have you part of our year 3, but know where you "live' so all is not lost, I suppose! I would suggest making a looser list with maybe smaller items on it for your own personal projects and joining us! ;)


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