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Monday, June 03, 2013

Memory, A Simpler Time?

Haven't posted a Memory Monday in awhile.   Found this old picture and thought I'd post it.  I can't say I remember this, as Chuck the toddler in the picture is my older brother so I was either not yet born or very much an infant.  But, it bring back memories.

Memories of what a hard worker Mom was.  That roaster on the utility shelf I know she had for many years, because even as teenager it's the one she used every Thanksgiving to cook the turkey in.  She still used the shelf too.  Here though, I believe it was used to cook a good many things, as I don't think she had an oven.  From stories I remember her telling me, she cooked on a one burner hot plate and used the roaster in their first..maybe even the first couple of homes/apt's.  That wooden ironing board is still one in my parents house.  Mom's gone (4 years ago), and I don't think Dad has need of ironing; but it's still there and when she was living it was till in use.

Not sure what brother Chuck is playing with.  Apparently, something came out of the box?

I also remember my cousin, Nancy (older then Chuck) telling me Mom had lots of sweaters when she was young and she liked to get into her sweater draw.  Looks like she's wearing one in the picture.  Also get a kick out of noticing the rolled up jeans........kids today think they've started a new trend...not so much, What goes round comes round.

People have fond memories and often refer to that bygone time as a simpler time.  I don't think that's so, our lives today our more simple.  It's far easier/simpler to do laundry now then it was then, likewise cooking with all our computerized fancy stoves etc.  Simpler times?  Hum


  1. I remember those days, too. Great picture of your mom. My mom had a rolling cart like that, too. It was yellow. My aunt used to sprinkle her ironing with a ginger ale bottle topped with a sprinkler, rolled up the shirts etc, put them in the fridge and ironed them in the evenings during the summer months on a wooden board covered with felting and linen. I loved the smells of the ironed laundry.

  2. Hey! looks like my comments are appearing again :) Huzzah!

  3. Fabulous Karen, so glad you were able to fix the problem. I'll be popping back over.

  4. I'm not sure if things are more simple, maybe more easy. Sometimes I feel like technology makes our lives more complicated, especially when it comes to interacting with people. Another wonderful story!

  5. I really like ekphrasis writing - especially with photographs and even more when the photograph is quite old. I have a collection of old photos that I need to find a creative way to display, but I just haven't found that yet.

    It's hard to imagine how our mothers and grandmothers managed! Strong women, indeed!

  6. Karen I popped back over and am sorry to say, I still can't leave a comment. Google+ people only are accepted.


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