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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Main Stream Music

Today's blog prompt, tell us your views on Main Stream Music.(click the badge and join us over at Paula's for the June Blog Challenge)

What is Main Stream Media?  According to the Urban Dictionary

"Music that's usually on the radio, Top 40 and is well known to the general public. Usually criticized by fans of the previous mainstream generations, and people who prefer bands and/or genres that aren't apart of the mainstream popularity of the time."
 In a word.....RePuLSive!  The above two are not special people, they've not cured cancer, they are not good hearted, kind people.  While one is still alive and one dead, they aren't courageous or people who deserve fame, in my opinion.  Madonna is obscene...as was Michael when he was alive.  They both are extreme personalities.  I didn't care for their music and generally turned off the performance if they showed up on TV.  They both took advantage of people, used foul language and lead lives I consider pathetic.  I do not know why people like this are in the news all the time, nor do I understand why people continue to honor them.  My opinion of most main stream music...........is why I do not play the radio, buy CD's, watch u-tube video's, or have the sound on my computer.

I like older music, like Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Any Williams.  I like Motown.  I like music you can sing to, know the words too, words that aren't filled with nasty happenings.  Dean Martin's music would have been called main stream music in his time, and he and the other Rat Pack lead some pretty wild lives too, I think the difference is they weren't considered people to mold your lives after, and they did NOT pretend to have sex on stage and appear half naked. 

Why is was deemed necessary for Michael Jackson to be on every channel all day long for days and weeks after his death is well beyond me.  He was not larger then life.  He was someone I wouldn't care to have any of my loved ones around.


  1. My mother made sure that I grew up with an appreciation for motown and funk. I suppose some of what I listen to is considered "mainstream", but it seems like even for those artists most people that I meet are unfamiliar with them. It is refreshing to know that not everyone buys into that stuff.

  2. I say that is what makes 'us' sound like the older generation. Good post

  3. You've got a point, Sandy. I grew up with the Beatles and Dino, too. Had a very eclectic palate....still do. I can enjoy Opera to Hee Haw :) A few contemporary artist are pretty good, though, but I really don't enjoy seeing the vulgarities that many performers feel are necessary, and tend to ignore them totally.


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