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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Belief it's Wednesday, Big Linky Day

Wednesday Work in Progress Time with Tami, What are you doing Wednesday with Susan
I am knitting the last section of this time consuming long time work in progress feather and fan style afghan.  The final dark gray edge.  Then will need to work in the edges...think about whether or not I want to crochet an edge around it?  I'm hopeful I won't run out of the gray.  The ball you see isn't very big and I have another one about the same size.  The final edge of course has additional rows the other sections don't have...so fingers crossed.  I love the look, love the way the colors came together even though the design changed several times based on what yarn I had.  It's called Sea and Sand and will be donated to Homeless Families Foundation through my charity, Bridge and Beyond.

AND today over at Paula's, June Blog Challenge, our prompt is to write about your beliefs.  Had to think about that, as we already wrote about religious beliefs, so this sorta seems like a repeat.  Perhaps this prompt is an attempt to be more general?
  • I belief in people.  Despite all the negative things you see on tv and read on facebook, I belief most people are good and want to do good.  I belief the few extreme loud mouths get the news cover which sours everyone.
  • I belief family is important.
  • I belief people should slow down and smell the roses and quit making lists, like bucket lists, to do lists, things to accomplish or buy lists.  Live each day and be happy for the day, it's a gift.
  • I belief people need to learn contentment.
  • I belief people shouldn't expect everything to go 100% there way all time, and learn how to adjust and move forward.
  • I belief everyone should do what they can for others, and not judge people who have trouble making it on their own.  I belief it's our Christian duty to care for others.
  • I believe...I best get linked up and start visits or I'll never get done.........cause the list of I belief could go on and on.
INVITING YOU ALL, from all the linky's above to join me on Monday's for Memory Monday.  Click here to see what it's all about and be sure and mark your calendar to come join the fun.  It's a new linky, and we're just trying to get going...so please help out.  We all moan about Monday, let's put some life and fun into that day.
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  1. Sandy, I have not been on blogger for a long time, and just starting up again. I am glad to see the shawl almost finished. It is quite lovely!

  2. So nice to hear from you again. Will pop over, glad you're back to play with us. It's an afghan, not a shawl....over sized afghan, way to big for a shawl.

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  4. Religion is the first thing I thought about when I read belief. I think until someone has walked a mile in someone else's shoe we don't know their circumstances to make the judgement they're not interested in helping themselves, but thanks for the input Paula.

  5. Such an interesting turn in the comments conversation. As a secular humanist, I also like to separate such universal beliefs/morals and religion, because I think that they can be mutually exclusive in both directions. Love your list, I think from what I've read in my time following your blog, I definitely feel like you live each of your beliefs honestly and with all your heart. How wonderful : )

  6. Thanks Pumpkin for popping in and adding to the conversation. You'll have to tell me what a secular humanist is...I'm very interested. Nothing fascinates me more then knowing what makes people click.

  7. Hi Sandy, thanks for your visits to my blog recently, I love new friends and I see you have many. Will check in often , Lisa xx

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  9. Paula I'm sorry I disagree. I don't think it's up to us to pick who deserves help. The situation you noted still doesn't say to me, they're not interested in helping themselves...it says perhaps they don't have the ability to help themselves...to make good choices. Not knowing what people think, what they've been through I don't think it's up to us to make that call.

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  11. Yes it's nice we can agree to disagree Paula. When I help the homeless and those in need I do not ask them what they intend to do with the help, I don't believe that's in keeping with the spirit of charity and caring

  12. AMEN! Sandy to your "I belief ..." Just dropped Olive off at the airport and now catching up housework and blogs! Last of the visitors are gone I think until next year (airfare being what it is). Love, love love the afghan! Can't wait to get knittin' Cheers!

  13. Thanks Martini for the visit, appreciate it. Enjoy your knitting time.

    I'm sorry to see Paula's removed her comments, I never have a problem with people having discussions...important topics should be discussed.

  14. Hi Sandy! I love your afghan. The colors are so pretty and I am in love with the feather and fan pattern. So pretty! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Always nice to make new friends!


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