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Monday, June 17, 2013

Homemade Halloween Costumes

It's time for another Memory Monday post.  A look back with a smile.  Don't forget to link up and share you memories.  Let's make Monday more fun.  This is from a Halloween...back in the day when Mom mad our costumes.  Left to right, me, younger brother Mike, and older brother Chuck.  Halloween in Marion Ohio was a blast.  

You can see a small part of the family t.v. behind us.  The round shaped screen.  Remember when t.v.'s were in fact family t.v.'s?  When there wasn't one in everyroom?  When it was a piece of furniture?

Share your memories.  Write you post, add your blog post link here...visit others on the linky and enjoy.  Be sure and add the new Memory Monday Badge to your blog and or blog post, with a link back here.  Mark your calendars and come back next week.

If  you missed last Monday's Memory...it's HERE


  1. Oh this brings up so many great memories! My mother made every single one of our halloween costumes and they always looked great, just like those! Some years we wouldn't like them so much, one year my father made the costumes and dressed me and my brother up as a pair of dice.

  2. Thanks Pumpkin for the visit and sharing your memories. Would love you to join the meme and write a post about your memories.

  3. This is surely a wonderful halloween costume! Cute kids you got there :)

    Cheers and happy Halloween!
    ~ Barbara
    Homemade Halloween Costumes


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