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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Have you Considered Suicide?

The blog prompt for the 5th day is Write about a time you thought about ending your own life. (click on badge to join the linky)

WOW, talk about a heavy subject.  I can't write about that, I've never had the thought.  I have however been with people who've expressed it.  Once while working in a medical office and I drove the person to the hospital for an admission to the Psych Ward.  Sadly, he did take his life after being there awhile.  He hung himself.  Probably wasn't the best idea for me to drive him, medical transport probably should have been called.  I've thought about that several times over the years.

Another time standing for an elevator while working at the hospital prior to the medical office above, I saw someone jump from a window from a floor above where we were.  Saw her land on the snow covered connecting arm of two buildings.  Horrible, they did a code right there on the roof.

Looking at stats from 2007 taken from the National Institution of Public Health, specifically about younger people, they break them into 3 groups by age:
10-14 Children
15-19 Adolescents
20-24 Young Adults.

Their stats say suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death.  This is something to be seriously.  They go on to say that generally the population is more likely to use guns, suffocation or poisons.  Young adults and Adolences are more likely to use guns over suffocation while children are more likely to use suffocation as a means of suicide.

Five times more males then females ages 15-19 died of suicide and slightly more then 6 times as many males in the 20-24 year old bracket.

Such sad statistics.  Mental illness, depression is very real and needs to be talked about like a broken arm so people can get over stigma that still surrounds it and obtain the help they need.
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  1. Boy you are all over the place with your blogs. I never know which blog my comment will pop up on. As you know, I think suicide is an extremely selfish act. It is just such a tragedy when a child/teen does it. They do NOT understand that death is permanent.

  2. Yep..I don't always use the same blog, which is why I asked you that before signing up. It is sad because you're right kids don't understand. They don't understand that death isn't a video game.

  3. Definitely an important topic, depression is something that parents don't pay enough attention to. I've had friends who got to the point of thinking about suicide because they weren't treated for depression until it became impossible to live with. I blame the parents who ignored it thinking it was a childish phase or who thought that their children were sick because of their sexual preference or spiritual belief. I cannot even imagine how painful it must have been for you to have been present during the deaths of those people. At least someone remembers them and cares.


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