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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Everyones Favorite Day

Yippee Skippy it's Friday! (click the badge and join Nancy at Rural Journal and the rest of us)
  • I'm still working on my afghan, scroll back to see Sea and Sand, Sand and Sea...I keep forgetting which name is correct, lol  AND I actually think I might get it finished this weekend.  Course I've said that before.
  • Super excited with today being Friday, tomorrow is Sat.  Aren't you glad I've got that figured out?  lol  I'm meeting an old grade school friend from the old neighborhood tomorrow.  We've not seen each other in over 50 years!  Thanks to a group about this hometown on Facebook, we've re-connected.  We're going to share pictures and catch up.  We both moved away from said hometown and are meeting each other there to walk around in our old haunts!
  • Hubby and I've taken the plunge...we're planning (have reservations) for a trip to Spain.  He keeps telling me to pace myself and not get burned out before the trip starts.  LOL.  It's not til next Spring; but there is a fair amount of planning involved and I'm enjoying the planning.  We have a week booked, and just signed up yesterday with a travel agent in order to better utilize our points for the flight and additional lodging package....all that seems a bit complicated to me so we're leaving that to the experts.  This is our very first trip to Europe.
  • Been enjoying the beautiful flowers in the yard and finally...finished my mulching for year.  107 bags!  Think I'm getting to old for this type of yard work.
  • Asking you all to join me in trying to get a new linky love/meme off the ground.  It's called Memory Monday.  No one seems to like or look forward to Monday's.  Thought this would be a fun, light hearted way to make Monday a nicer day.  
There's the cool badge I struggled to make.  Select a picture or paint us one, but I do like pictures and tell us about a fun, special, funny memory it evokes.  Add your name and url from your actual blog post and of course link back to the linky.  Got this idea when having fun looking through old photo's.  Your memory doesn't have to be from the way back machine.  If you click on the badge you'll see the last  post where I've tried to get it up and running with my old photo's.


  1. That's purty cool that you are meeting your friend back in your old stomping grounds! I'll bet you will have a load of fun!

    I like the Memory Monday idea....now if I can just remember it by Monday!

  2. Super excited for your trip to Spain! Have fun meeting your pld school friend!

  3. ooooh, spain... now I am super jealous!

  4. Thank you Leave it to Davis, Lisa, and W.Latane for your visits and thoughtful comments. Thanks for sharing my excitement. Hope you do remember Monday Leave it...love to the company.

    Do come back folks I'll be posting about our special home town meet up!

  5. A European vacation --- lucky you. I bet it will be wonderful. Planning a trip is almost as much fun as the trip itself.

  6. Spain next spring, how cool and I love the planning part of trips..107 bags of mulch, WOW ;-) I knit and keep thinking I'd like to learn how to crochet, I love your project.

  7. So excited to hear about your trip to Spain! They will love you and hubby.

  8. How neat that you and your friend are going to see each other after so many years. That's awesome.

    And Spain? What a great trip that will be.

    Thanks so much for sharing this week. xo

  9. Thank you Stephanie, Lynn Jennifer, and Nancy for the visits.

  10. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I hope you have a nice visit with your old friend, and seeing your hometown. Spain! How exciting! I agree, the preparation is part of the fun, though I've never left the U.S. We've been married a lot of years and have one daughter, too.

  11. Wow, don't know which is better; spending time with an old friend, or planning a trip to Spain...both seem so much fun. hope you take a picture of you guys spending time together back on the ole stomping grounds.

  12. Oooooo Spain! I haven't been there ... yet! Pace yourself? Maybe a good start would be the travel books with a Spanish cocktail in hand.

  13. Thanks Pattisjarrett...I'll keep ya posted on the planning.

    Karen we tried to take a picture..of the two of us. You know a self portrait and it turned out badly, we'll have to try it again cause we're meeting up another time. Others are joining us!

    Martini...I like the way you look at things, a Spanish Cocktail...hum, must look into that. I've been reading alot on line on some blogs and travel forums...really enjoying learning what I can about it.


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