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Friday, June 07, 2013

Stories that Picture Can Tell

Sitting at a light the other day I looked and found myself sorta smiling and shaking my head at the same time.  Why?  Not a day goes that you don't hear on the news someone or some body of people complaining about privacy.   And yet, daily on social media and bumper stickers and license plates people freely give up information about themselves.  Have you ever wondered what your car says about you?  We hear people are living on hard times, and yet look at the 4 cars in this picture...everyone a large eat gas car/truck and everyone a new car.  You can't tell from the photo but my car is small 10 year old economy type car.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words...well, I'm not going to write 1,000 words; who'd read it if I did.  But, doesn't this picture have your mind thinking up a story?  Looking at the SUV in front of me.  You can tell they're a vegan or vegetarian...funny thing to tell stangers sitting behind your car.  There's only one with the American Flag, might mean they're patriotic and think only that flag should be displayed, not for instants The Confederate Flag?  Or perhaps they mean though they are 2 parties constantly waring with each other, there is only 1 country.  They're probably a boater and or a camper...large hitch under the bumper.

Anyone else ponder things about places or people when you're stopped in traffic?

Since it's Friday 5, I'm counting that as 2 above...1, the general picture and wondering about the economy...maybe if people drove smaller more gas friendly cars they'd have more money?  Or maybe people are doing better then the media has us believe?

2...The story of the blue SUV

3..We've had 3 seasons this week.  It's been hot enough all the windows have been opened and the ceiling fans on like it was the middle of summer, it's been cold enough all the windows have been closed and we've dressed in layers...thinking about turning on the heat again like it's late fall, AND it's been wet and foggy enough to be early spring.

4..I was hoping to be done with the feather and fan knitted afghan (Sand and Sea), by now; but am not...though I'm continuing to work on it.
 Working on the 2nd to last section, so maybe ...hopefully soon it will be finished.

5..I've had the best time this week connecting with friends from my childhood, thanks to Facebook.  There's a group page from my old hometown, and all of sudden I've connected with about half a dozen friends from my early grade school days.  We've been sharing stories, pictures and memories.  What great fun.

Speaking about memories.  Please pop in on Monday.  I'm going to try to get going with a meme, titled Memory Mondays.  Tried sometime back but got way laid.  Hopefully will have a linky up, provided I can figure it out.  Everyone moans about Monday, lets put some fun into it.

Friday 5 badge and link in meme tab top of the blog, join us.  Though...I'm late to the party today.
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  1. How neat that you've found some old friends on FB. I have to admit the recent PRISM information has me a bit spooked and upset.

  2. Thanks for the visit Nancy, I don't know what you mean about the PRISM information, can you eleborate?

  3. Oh Dear Nancy, you've left your google+ page and I've tried to get to your blog, but can't. PLease leave the url to your blog post, use the name and url option. Also, I'm not able to leave a comment on your blog, it's closed to all except google+ people. Sigh...wish this problem would go away, it has been beyond frustrating.

  4. How nice to catch up with friends!!

  5. Thank you Kara for the visit.

  6. I am having the hardest time figuring this out! How frustrating it is. Not all blogs seem to have the option to use use name and url. What a pain.

  7. Hi Sandy ~~ Thank you for visiting my five. I enjoyed reading about your reading of those cars. That was my weekend, Friday or Saturday post for a while.

    A visiting preacher based his sermon on reading a car (or cars, I can't remember now) and I thought that ought to work on the blog. Back then I had more 'unaffiliated readers' then so they did get read a little.

    Several of my FB friends are former blogging friends who have stopped blogging. My family makes up another large group. My latest friend is a former student of mine

    If you want reach Nancy then go back to her meme page (she is Mrs. Rural Journal). I have her link at the beginning of my post, right under the backyard night picture). I don't know if she has e-mail addresses there but her comment page is on her post with the Mr. Linky.

    I am going to tell her also about the Google Plus+. I think Google Plus+ stinks and so many get lost behind it. I cannot reach her that way either even though I have a Google Plus+ account. What happens is that Google Plus+ kidnaps the link to ones profile.

  8. I frequently think about the drivers of cars as well! How funny! I've loaded my car up with fun stuff mostly because I was so happy to finally have a car last year and because it is a gray Corolla, arguably one of the most popular cars in the country (great gas milage) and I wanted to be more unique. I'm loving the afghan, you finish them in record time, it is amazing!

  9. Hi cornbread crumbles and Jim, the whole google+ thing has been nothing positive for the blogging community, I really wish people would not join it. We were all happily visiting before.

  10. Anonymous3:53 PM

    This has been an unusual spring! It's amazing what can be found on bumper stickers. Many times we scratch our heads wondering what some of it means.


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