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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mom You Fascinate Me

Today's blog prompt from Paula's June Blog Challenge is to write about someone who fascinates you and why.  This is My Mom, she was probably about 16 or 17 here in this picture.

She fascinated me because she and many women of her time did so much.  They married young, had children young, cook and cleaned and did laundry when there no short cuts.  Modern conveniences didn't exist, keeping a house was hard work from sun up til sun down.  They didn't have time or money to have manicures, pedicures, massages, girls night out.  They didn't didn't have "me time".  They didn't belong to the gym to stay fit, they didn't need to.  Working day in and day out was enough exercise.  They didn't talk about being stressed out the way young mothers do today.

Think of the time and effort alone it took to do laundry for a family of 5.  Wringing out the laundry, 1 piece at a time in the wringer washer operating the crank by hand.  Then lugging heavy wet cloths outside to hang them on the line...back inside to start the next load, back outside to take the clothes down etc.  The process had to be repeated many times over.  And because everything came off the line stiff, wrinkled then the long process of ironing, hanging, folding and putting things away.

There were no microwaves to heat something up quick, nor fast food joints around the corner, no frozen meals for convenience.  Every meal had to planned out,  things removed from the freezer and cooked.  There were no dishwashers beyond ones pair of hands.  Garbage disposals came along much later, so wrapping up and taking out the trash was a constant thing.

She sewed most of my clothes, she went fishing with my Dad on his day off, she made things come together with her creativity.  When I think about her, aside from missing her since she's passed 4 years ago; I am fascinated at what she accomplished in a day.  Makes me think that perhaps kids who's relationship wasn't what they wanted with their mothers, might not have realized what all they went through.  I'm fascinated that she did these things every day and still had time to jump rope with me, teach me to knit, play jax sometimes.  Parents weren't kids best friends back in those day, how could they be...there wasn't time for that.  There was work to be done, those light hearted moments of play were very special.


  1. I think you meant that 'parents were NOT kids best friends back then' Good post

  2. Right you are, thanks Paula, will correct it.

  3. We had a wringer washer like that....wish I still had it. My mom worked though....on top of working at home. She NEVER played with us...told us to go and play and use our imagination. We did. We weren't scared because our mother didn't hover over us teaching us how to count and do our abc's...the teacher did that. She did make sure we got our homework, but she didn't help...we did our own. That was OUR homework. And we made A's. And we grew up to work hard and to respect our elders and other people.

    Now, kids are way too pampered. They have to have entertainment every second. They don't know how to make mud pies or dig for bugs in the dirt. We didn't get a new toy every time my mom went to the grocery store....as a matter of fact, we were lucky to get them on Christmas and our birthdays.

    Yes, our parents had it hard...but it made them into people of such character.

  4. I meant "scarred by it".

  5. So agree with you Leave it to Davis..and yet all you hear is how stressed this young mothers are, they really have no clue how easy they have it.

  6. This was a beautiful tribute to your Mum, to all the Mum's really x

  7. Thank you Lisa, yes right you are to all Mum's.

  8. Yup, our Moms worked hard, but they felt they had conveniences. My mom (who was born in 1905) grew up in a household that had to make their own soap and carry water from the spring about 500 yards away. By the 1940s, she thought life was much much easier than her mom's. I can't imagine having to butcher my own meat and make soap and having two kitchens because cooking heated up the house too much in the summertime. I guess its all relative, but I really can't stand listening to the new generations' belly-aching about how hard it is to work all day then come home and deal with kids and housework. Give me a break! Anyway, I digress....I really loved your posting about your mom. Brings back so many pleasant memories.

  9. You are so right, my generation especially has a lower tolerance for work and practicality. I know that sounds weird, but having been one of two girls in my entire high school dorm who knew how to use a broom (or cook for that matter) made me a little pessimistic. I love that your mother made your clothes, it is too bad that it is more expensive to do that now.

  10. I think your mother was an amazing woman.

    My mother, although a generation or so later took more or less the same approach. She spent (and still does) most of her time providing for those she loves.

    Me and my brother knew how much she loved us, but she let us count on ourselves with school and friends etc.


  11. Thanks Karen, Karen, and Misha for your visits.

    Karen I don't think most of those I knew felt they had conveniences. I know Mom and friends Mom's always said work before play..and there was very little time for play, therefore work must have been a huge chunk.

    Pumpkin, right your are,it's now cheaper to buy then to sew quality pieces. Mom sewed to save money and DID.

    Misha, thank you, Mom was truly an amazing woman. I owe her much. So nice to hear your Mom has also instilled those qualities.


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