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Monday, July 01, 2013

Walking Through the Old Neighborhood

It's time for Memory Monday.  I've pulled something from the way back machine for you today.  This is my older brother Chuck on his bike.  The picture was taken on Easter Sunday probably right before or after Church, can't remember that part.  You can see from the cars in the photo the picture was taken in the 50's.  This was on Lilac Lane in my old hometown of Marion.  Some of you may remember my mentioning a group on Facebook filled with people who have fond memories of living there as children...some still live there, though not on Lilac Lane.  The bike was new and was red, my brother LOVED his bike.  The driveway was gravel and shared with our neighbors The Belvilles (Frank, Bernie, Pam, and Shannon).

The bush there on the corner was a favorite spot for my folks to hide an Easter Egg or two.  I think this had to be before Church, after church we would have changed clothes to do the hunting in the yard for the eggs.  The trike there would belong to my younger brother, Mike.

The other day a childhood friend, Wendy and I met here in our old neighborhood for a day of fun and remincing.   We walked around the neighborhood remember who lived where.  In fact we spoke to the gentleman that owns my old house.  He owns and lives in the house that was Belvilles, to the left and owns and rents the house that I grew up in, the white one on the right where the BIG bush is.  The driveway is still a shared one, but is now blacktopped.
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  1. Marilyn Wittenburg8:37 AM

    The cars, the clothes(on Chuck), and the general atmosphere of the picture takes me back to my childhood.
    Thank for the memories!

  2. Thanks for visiting Marilyn, glad it brought back good memories for you as well.

  3. Hey Marilyn if you want to type up something I'd love to use your story and picture of your Dad's band for another Memory Monday post.

  4. WOW! My post for Memory Monday is about Easter in 1959 and my oldest brother's name is Chuck, too! Thanks for hosting this

  5. Thanks for letting me know about Memory Monday. I was unfamiliar with this linky and didn't get it right on #3. Sorry for the duplication.

  6. Paula....we keep having things in common...must pop over and read your post. Thanks for swinging in.

    Pattisjarrett...we all have to learn, not to worry, twice is better than not at all. Welcome, glad to have you join us.

  7. Love the post, Sandy. Easter Egg hunts...brings back memories. But I especially like the bike. What would we have done without the glorious bike.

  8. My dad still lives in the house we grew up in and the neighbors I grew up with are all still there too. I love going to see him. Wish the airfare was a little cheaper for me to go ... Great post!

  9. Right you are about the bike Karen.

    Martini, how cool your Dad still lives there, thanks for swinging by. Love to have you join us

  10. I love that my mom still lives in my childhood home....


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