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Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 on Friday

It's Fridaytime for another fun round of Random 5 (Friday 5, guess people call it several different names)

  • Spent a good part of week organizing stuff here, my desk was sorely in need.  Looks much nicer now...hope I remember where I put stuff, lol
  • Looking forward to a week in the mountains with Hubby and Darling Daughter.  Been Christmas when we were last all together.
  • The hardest part of packing for a trip for me is what yarn to take.  I never gauge the right number of projects to take, and typically take too much; but I don't want to have craft time with out something to work on.
  • Been so rainy, wet, and humid here am hopeful the dry mountain air will give hubby and I a break from the allergy problems.  He's sneezing and coughing and I'm going crazy with itchy eyes.
  • Am so enjoying the flowers in the yard
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  1. We've been having nothing but rain and humidity and heat here as well. Have a lovely trip with your family.

  2. Lucky Duck!!! The idea of traveling to the mountains just makes me happy.

    i wonder what kind of project you'll create while you enjoy your vacation.

    Enjoy being the Best Part.
    Happy Friday!

  3. It will be nice for you two to get away. I love the mountains.

    Good thing too, that you got a week's worth of good before you leave. A good part of week wouldn't organize my stuff.

  4. A trip to the mountains sounds wonderful! My allergies have been horrible lately too.

    Have fun! :)

  5. Gosh I am so ready for a trip to the mountains. My dh was teasing me the other day- he pulled up the weather channel on his phone with Pagosa Springs Co marked and it said 73 degrees--It's in the blooming hot range here. Blechh!

  6. Thanks all for the visits, and comments, much appreciated. Soon to pack, so looking forward to the time with family.

    Maggid...stay tuned on the projects.

  7. off to the mountains will be wonderful-I'm thinking of cleaning up my work area, only thinking so way to go for doing it. Good luck with the allergies.

  8. Sounds wonderful ( to escape the humidity ) We are having a cool morning after storms for several days but I wonder how long this break will last. Enough to cut the grass without melting in a steam bath, I hope! :)

    Enjoy your crisp clean mountain air! :)

  9. Sandy,
    Have an awesome trip to the mountains. Sounds refreshing. Enjoy every second with your Daughter. I hope to make a trip to see my Folks next month and can hardly wait.

  10. Right you all are, cool mountain air sounds nice. I did mow little while ago....am now cooling off.

  11. Sounds as if a trip is what you need.. Hope you have a great time thanks for visiting me today...

  12. we sound so similar - rain & lots of sneezing here too. ( :

  13. Have a beautiful trip! Sorry you're suffering from allergies. Itchy watery eyes make life a little difficult. I've no doubt the lovely mountain air will clear you up! :)

  14. Have a great time on your trip. Beautiful flower shot.

  15. Enjoy your family trip to the mountains! Hope you pick out just the right yarn to take along :)

  16. It's been so darn hot here, as we just begin our SECOND heatwave in nearly a row!!.. The mountains sound heavenly right now!! Enjoy, safe journey, and have fun spending time with your daughter!! ~tina

  17. It's frustrating to clean up and re-organize, then not be able to find anything. I can surely identify with that one. Hope you had a great trip together, and feel better.


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