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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Red, White and Blue Memory

It's Monday...Monday Monday, and just that day...are you singing with me.  Memory Monday and again something from the way back machine...though a bit more current then last weeks post.  Left to right, older brother Chuck, Grandma (Dad's Mom), Dad, Mom, Me and Mike my younger brother in front.

You can't tell from the picture but I believe this was taken around a 4th of July family celebration.  Mom always made something for the occasion.  I think her shift was blue and white, and my shorts were white with a red and white handkerchief print blouse.  Grandma, never was seen in anything less then a dress and necklace.  AND she never owned a pair of slacks.  The most casual I can remember her being dresswise was when it was hot she rolled down her nylons and twisted them to keep them up.

Remember how everyone had to squint into the sun to get their picture taken...lol My eyes are closed, Dads are close.  I think I was about 12-13 ish here so the picture was taken some time around 1962 ish.

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  1. Nice lookin' crew in your picture of the fam, Sandy. Everyone looks happy. Good times. I remember ladies like your grandma. My mom would do the same thing with her stockings. Oh those garter bands! Ouch! I've got my memory monday up too, but didn't find linky here, so come by to visit. Its: http://www.flamingoks.com/2013/07/memory-monday-memories-of-dad-part-2.html

  2. You're just earlier then me Karen, I can schedule the post to publish, but am in a different time zone this week, and can't schedule the linky to post as far as I know.

  3. A great picture...my grandma used to roll and knot her nylons too. Must have been a fad back then

  4. I don't think either of my grandmothers ever wore slacks. I had forgotten about rolling the nylons. With the advent of pantyhose, those became a memory, for the most part.

  5. Thanks for visiting Paula and pattisjarrett. Anyone younger then us would have no clue what we were talking about when we mentioned rolling nylons...lol


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