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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Magic of Cardboard and Tissue Paper

Join me in the way back machine again for another round of Memory Monday.  Long long ago, when make believe was truly magical.  Mom used tissue paper to make a fire place.  We had those cardboard ones later...prefab design, but here Mom use a book case and turned it into a Christmas Fireplace so we had a place to hang our stockings and a place for Santa to enter the house.  I loved having tea parties, big brother Chuck was playing along.  Shouldn't there be a rule against wearing ones pistol at the table?  lol  Younger brother Mike in the jumper seat.  Oh those were good times, not because we got alot at Christmas, we didn't ...money was tight; but oh the magic of make believe.  Mom was sooooooooo good at it.  She was so very creative.

This was in an old house on Johns Street in Marion, before we moved into our new house on Lilac Lane.  If memory serves this was really an old house we rented, there was an open furnace right in the living room.

What's your memory for today?

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  1. Wonderful stroll down Memory Lane-one of my favourite things to do-I must get organized for next Monday-I must! Are you just pretending you don't want your photo done or really not interested? ;-)

  2. Your post brought back sweet memories of my mom who always tried to make Christmas special for us. She would have "for sure" made that fireplace if she'd thought of it! Your mom was amazing!

  3. Lynn and J thanks for swinging by, love to have you both participate. You know Lynn...I'm not sure...sorta looks like I was just talking...something that comes naturally to me; but who knows, lol

  4. The picture is priceless and your desription was great. Just yesterday my 8-year-old wanted to bring his new pocket knife in a holster to church. Aren't boys funny with their boy toys? I had a creatiive mom too and there are many sweet memories. I'll make a post later today and link up.
    ~Lucy at kidsmathteacher.com

  5. Lucy that's cute and as you say...so boyish!

  6. You present some grand memories. Your brother wore his "gun" to the table. We always used to play with toy guns. Now they expel kids for eating a pop tart that looks like a gun. I'm in a rush today so I don't have time for my memories but I enjoyed yours.

  7. Christmas is not one of my favorite memories, but my mom was very crafty as well. Nice memories for you, I am sure

  8. I think your mom was a genius with that fireplace. Strolling down memory lane is nice (only with the good memories though)

  9. Thanks Nana, Paula, and Manzanitta for the visits and comments. Right you are about the gun Manzanita, sorry Paula...understand your feelings, right you are Nana good memories only.


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