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Friday, July 05, 2013

Fabulous, it's Friday

Finally it's Done!  Terrible picture with it being cloudy, bad lighten; but was anxious to show this afghan is finally finished.  It's a knitted feather and fan pattern with each section being a 20 stitch repeat.  This one is named Sea and Sand, Sand and Sea.  In the beginning I called it Sea and Sand, but later kept interchanging the names.  This afghan has been in the works over 1 year.  I found a post from June 4th of last year where I had about 3 stripes done.  Now, it's not like I worked on this everyday or didn't work on anything else during this time; but...it's been a long time...much longer then I like to have one going.

And So for the first time in ages I do have a Finished Object to share with you on Friday AND a post for Random 5, Friday Five, 5 on Friday.  All badges are clickable, join us!

  • Hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July.  Sadly our fireworks weren't quite as good as normal.  It rained, not stormy so they went ahead.  But, I wonder if they couldn't shoot them off as high because of that?  And or, because of the dampness they didn't last as long in the sky?  No matter, Happy Birthday America.  You're an awesome country and I so appreciate all the sacrifices of those that made it possible for us.
  • Obviously I'm really excited to have the above afghan completed.  It's still in need of being laundered and blocked, but and a better taken, but it's DONE!
  • More planning for the trip to Spain next Spring has taken place AND, we now have all our tickets for flights confirmed.  We've decided not to stay the full 10 days in Malaga (Marbella Beach Area), we'll be there a week then fly to Barcelona via Madrid for a few days, AND we now have confirmed hotel reservations there in Barcelona as well.  Gonna give our brains and our charge card a rest before we move onto the next step...which will be planning tours, though I do have a lists of things we want to see.
  • House smells so good right now, hubby is making his "World Famous" Baked Beans.  We're going to a Baby Reveal party later today with family (normally we would have spent yesterday, the 4th together here at our house so this is combined deal).  We'll soon know whether my youngest nephew, Ryan and his wife are having a little boy or girl.  I'm pulling for a girl which would give them one of each...wouldn't that be nice.
  • Continuing to work on my SIL's family tree, but also pulled out my Mom's side file that I've not worked on in a good long while and am happy to say...I'm finding some of the missing pieces from before!
Pop in tomorrow for the 3rd Year of Projects, it's a group through Ravelry, always happy to have more folks join us.

AND don't forget to join in on Monday for my Memory Monday...I've already gotten 4 or 5 posts written and placed in que.  Looking forward to seeing you all, the more the merrier.  The more you link and visit the more fun folks.  Join any or all of the meme's.  Enjoy the rest of your week-end.


  1. You are a busy lady Sandy! Love your finished project. That must feel so good! xo

  2. I don't even remember how long I have been knitting my afghan. I think we can measure the time in decades. I shouldn't even admit that.

  3. what a great feeling to finish a project!!

  4. your afghan is beautiful and I know that feeling of DONE, Finally done that is, congrats. Spain-enjoy the research..I'll root for a little sister girl too.;-)

  5. What a beautiful afghan. I know how satisfying it is to have such a large project finished.

  6. So Much Happy in your life.
    Your Afghan is Gorgeous -
    Spain sounds like a dream come true -
    Baked beans and babies

    Who could ask for anything more???

    love & love,

  7. I appreciated your visit to my blog today and your insights into the homeless. Glad you finished your afghan...it is beautiful.

  8. Your completed afghan is gorgeous. I love the colors. Sand and sea.. and they make me think of a hot summer day at the beach! :) Getting sand between my toes.

    How exciting to have a new family member soon! Beautiful!

  9. Just can't seem to get up the motivation to knit an aphgan...I admire your tenacity!!! Laurel

  10. Congratulations on the afghan. What an accomplishment! Your trip to Spain sounds fabulous already. I love to plan ahead and look forward to trips. How exciting for you!

  11. It turned out so nice! Well done!

  12. Thank you Nancy, Stephanie, Bev, Lynn, Mlissabeth, Maggid, Tracey, Mary, Laurel's, Sharon, and LiterarylLadyBud for your visits and sweet comments. Sure appreciate them.

  13. The knitting on your afghan is beautiful. I look forward to glamour shots in better lighting. well done!

  14. Perfect name for your afghan - it really reminds me of sand and the sea


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