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Monday, July 08, 2013

Singer Sewing Machine Back in the Day

It's Memory Monday time.  I remember when my Mom would sit at a machine like this and make my school clothes.  This is a singer treadle sewing machine that now sits in my office a short distance from my computer.  It belonged to my Aunt Mary, Dad's sister who passed at the age of 92.  The machine is actually still threaded sorta...the bobbin.  The machine belonged to my Grandmother before my Aunt.  We're not certain if Grandma purchased it new or it was passed down from another family member.  Searching using the serial number it appears this machine dates back to 1910, and is therefore 103 years old.  I believe with some oiling I could in fact still use it.

I learned to sew, not on this machine; but the one like it my Mother had.  You got exercise with your legs sewing in those days as you kept the machine running by pumping the pedal with your feet.

Having this in my possession makes me smile, it makes me remember My Mother, My Grandmother and My Aunt and a different life then we now all have.

My Mom
My Aunt Mary

My Grandmother.  She and Grandpa sitting in front of their house.  I only have a few pictures of my Grandma.  She must not have liked to have her picture taken.

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  1. Hi Sandy. Enjoyed reading your Memory Monday. My sister-in-law has one of these that she still sews on. Shes had a cabin in New York for years that didn't have electricity until recently, but she could still sew while they spent their vacation time up there. Cool memories.

  2. Very cool Karen, thanks for the visit. Wonder how much work I would have to get this one operational?

  3. My mom had one of these. My uncle put an electric motor on it, so she didn't get the workout the previous generation got. They are beautiful machines.

  4. My Mum still has her Singer Sewing Machine like this one. She also had a portable one with the wooden dome lid. They are awesome.

  5. Interesting to learn both pattisjarrett and A Daft Scots Lass have one of these machines in their families. Electric Motor...very interesting, so old and knew all at the same time. Very cool And a portable with a lid, I've not seen a treadle portable...you need to post a picture.

  6. My mom had a sewing machine just like that one. And I learned to sew on it, and as it turned out, it was the only machine I could ever sew on. The electric ones had me all confused, so I gave up sewing!

    And your mother was very beautiful. Her eyes were gorgeous.

  7. Thank you Inger, I think she was too.


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