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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Year of Projects, It's Sunday

 Slow progress on the green sweater for DD, though it does now measure 17.5 inches approximately.  This is the back.  It traveled with me recently to Park City Utah.  I was able to knit on the way out, not so on the way back, the flight was too crowded and it was night coming back.  I'm a bit concerned with where my markers are.  I think...it is my imagination...that I see a little texture change in the rows beneath them?  Wanting to be sure I don't drop any stitches I put in markers every 40 stitches, and am now wondering if that was a bad idea?
 Finished 2 cotton washcloths.  One is straight forward garter (on the left), with a few rows of purl for a half way look; while the 2nd one is a paw print.  I'm not sure the paw print shows up well in the photo, but it does in person.  Both need ends tucked.

I now have 4 washcloths done for my 2 pay it forward gifts that appear on my YOP list.

Didn't knit much at all while on vacation last week, was enjoying family time with hubby and DD.

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  1. Sweater looks great and I love the cloths, well you know how much I love to knit cloths lol

  2. lol...true mysparemoments, they're such a good item and everyone loves them.

  3. I'm betting that the unevenness at the markers will disappear with blocking or washing. Fingers crossed!

    Cute washcloths. Now that you say it I CAN see the paw print but it's pretty subtle in the picture.

    As for the beading I'm doing, it's just on the leg. I didn't think they'd be comfortable on any part of the foot :)

  4. Minding, thanks I'm hoping you're right...tempted to remove them; but don't want to loose count etc. That makes sense on the socks...thanks, I should have thought of that.

  5. you've inspired me to get back to my baby sweater I'm working on or was working on, at this rate, he'll be driving or getting married by the time I finish..I like the green of your sweater piece.

  6. Oh do Lynn and let us see a picture

  7. I really like the jumper, and I would say that if you do have little ladders under the stitch markers, it will all come out in the first soak, when the stitches even out in the water. I wouldn't worry about it!

  8. You have made great progress this week. I like how that green washcloth came out.

  9. Oh Emma, you've made me feel so much better....more relaxed, thank you. Thanks Kepanie!

  10. I agree that the ladders will go away with blocking. It's amazing how much blocking can fix :) Love the washcloths too.

  11. Sandy, I want to thank you for getting my update link posted for me on Ravelry this week. You are such a great person for doing that for me.

    As for your projects..............Love the dishclothes. The paw print is adorable and although I am not an 'orange' person......I really like it in the dishcloth.

  12. Lovely dishcloths, and the jumper is looking great too.


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