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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Like Arnold, "I'll be Back"

I'm a bit confused whether I'm a week behind or on time at this point, but...meh who cares.  lol  That's my new attitude.  I'm not going to stress...thank you all my YOP peps for convincing me of that.

So here I am at the beginning of my year 3, whatever week it is.  The idea of this Ravelry Group is to make a list of projects you want to make and check in every Sunday morning with updates about the progress of things.

Last year I felt like I didn't do particularly well with my list (lots of big projects), so am making my list a bit different this time round.

My selfish list:
  • I'd like to myself a shrug and or shawl...and or maybe a special scarf.  Not just a typical scarf.  How's that for living the window and door open?
  • I'd like to finish the green sweater I started after Christmas for Darling Daughter
  • I'd like to make myself a cable stitch skirt (been so long ago I wanted to do that, I'm going to have to find the pattern again).
My Charity Work:
  • I'm going to continue to assemble afghans from donated squares/stripes/pieces, but I'm not going to pick a number to strive for.  I'm hoping to make more then before, particularly if I can work my way through all the odd sized donated pieces.....those take more time.
I spend so much time working on the blog, documenting the donations, sending thank you emails, posting on forums and social network sights my actual knitting and crocheting time for the charity, Bridge and Beyond is less, and I think I need to revamp my thinking...realizing even when not knitting or crocheting for the cause I am still working on the cause.  Thus, the no number.

Previously Committed Projects:
  • I have 2 people I need to make gifts for a pay it forward commitment.   is about half done, the other is only in thinking stages.
  1. Knitted Cat Washcloth Done, ripped out and need to start over the 2nd cloth which is a paw print Washcloth..person #1's gift
  2. Person two...I think a hand print washcloth and a basic knit cloth.  One is in the works.
Things to Consider:
  • My nephew and wife are having a 2nd chid, maybe a baby afghan?  I made one for their first boy, but...they got several so maybe I won't make one this time?
Please scroll back and see the finished (though still in need of laundering and blocking), feather and fan afghan, Sea and Sand.

Pictures show the green sweater in the works, finished cloths, and possible next couple of ghans to be assembled.

 Inviting you all to come back tomorrow and participate in

 A fun way to share cute, funny or interesting stories and linky love...let's brighten up Monday's.



  1. For your nephew's baby, how about a cushion for the cot? I've made a couple of small cot-sized cushions for new babies and they were both very well received. How about doing something that matches the afghan you made for baby number 1?

  2. Thanks Tink for the visit and idea, not sure I understand what you mean by a cushion, do you mean a pillow?

  3. Yes, I do mean pillow!

  4. Thanks for the idea, and clarification, good suggestion!

  5. Holy Mackeral Sandy...that's a ton of projects...thank you for stopping over and reading my re-post....I consider you one of those "special" people, you were after all the first one to comment on my blog, minutes after it went live all those years ago.....I'd love to meet up with you at Micheals.....:)

  6. So happy to see your list start with some "selfish" projects.

    The next two ghans look great. The colours in that second one make me think of buttercups!

    For your nephew's second, you may also want to think about a crocheted diaper bag. Lion Brand has a nice multi-pocketed one. You could even stuff it with diapers, baby washcloths, baby powder, etc.

  7. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Great to see you back and I love that you especially have some selfish items on your list, I think they are deserved more than anyone. For you nephew you could do a sweater, lots of lovely patterns on Ravelry and those are always used even if you get a few. I've just finished a bunny blanket buddy and Evelyn just loves hers as a bedtime comfort. Tiny and small and perfect for little hands.

  8. I'm so glad you're back! I'm on my week 1, and not stressing that some people are on week 2. Glad you've got a few things for you on the lift, although I do love your charity afghans, I think you need to spoil yourself too, just a little bit!

  9. Well, I was the one that said week 2 but I don't know if I'm coming or going most days so pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain! LOL!
    I agree with Ruth on the little bunny blanket...it's so unique and just so sweet plus less cost and less time. I'm like you, always doing blankets and such...this year I'm doing more small projects like toys. Fun but frugal at the same time. Lovely "ghans"!

  10. Sandy, mahalo for the sweet comment on my blog. I do remember you now! I remember your charity blankets and all the wonderful squares being assembled together. Definitely make some items for yourself; you totally deserve it.

  11. Yeah..you've almost finished sea and sand... and how about a cacoon/sac for the new babe? It will be fun to follow along with you for another year!

  12. So happy to see you back with us Sandy! I think your list is brilliant and one you should feel good about. Nicely balanced between charity and some selfish knitting too! I love the idea of making a cuddle blanket/bunny like Ruth, or a sleep sack/cocoon for the new baby.
    Cheers to another year together..

  13. Ooo, that purple and green afghan is just from donated squares? They look perfect together. And I don't think you're behind in YoP, everyone is a little jumbled because there was a week where the first couple days was still Year 2 and the rest of the week was Year 3. If nothing else, I'm at the same spot as you.

  14. I like the idea of "a year of projects" except that this summer I have decided to finish everything on the needles BEFORE casting on anything new ... Let's see how far I get! Cheers!

  15. Wouldn't it be awesome to meet up Faith.
    Thanks all appreciate the warm welcome for year 3 and the encouragement to push a bit for my selfish projects.
    Martini, you would put your wip right on your list.

  16. I would love to knit a skirt, but there are too many cardigans calling my name. Besides I can easily get an ill=fitting cardigan to work, but an oversized skirt could get me arrested! ;)

  17. Have to say I was a little confused about when this actually started too, I missed so much of the end of last year that everything went a bit wobbly!

    As you know I've been very non-committed over what I'm doing, more likely to get more done that way without the pressure. It's a hard weigh up between blog stuff and actually knitting/crocheting, getting the balance is a fine balance, can't say I've got that right yet.

    Your projects are looking good so far, looking forward to keeping up with it all.

  18. Ooh, love the cocoon sack idea for the baby by the way

  19. Thanks Angela and Faith appreciate the visits.

    Love all the nice suggestions everyone left. Now to maul them all over.


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