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Monday, July 29, 2013

Pedal Pushers and Flowers in Niagara Falls

More fun on Memory Monday.  Chuck, Mike, Mom, and Me.  Dad's behind the camera.  I remember thinking how cool it was the flowers could tell time!  This was The Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  Back in the day, we took a mini vacation.  Think maybe a 3 day.  We stayed on the American side, think the lodging was cheaper, but I remember Mom talking about how much prettier, cleaner the Canadian side was.  Not sure of the year but think I was in 2nd grade, while Chuck was in 4th and Mike in Kindergarden?

Pedal pushers, and kids today think Capri's are a new thing, lol; not so much.  Then later when they guys wore a version of them they were called clam diggers.

I can remember how carefully Mom packed.  She packed for all 5 of us, in just 2 suitcases.  Remember when you had to carry your luggage, before wheels and over sized bags to stuff?  I remember her having a folding little travel iron that she could touch things up on the bed in the hotel room.  Who out there is as old as me and remembers stuff like this?

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  1. I hope the American side is cleaner these days. I remember riding with my parents to Dallas and watching out the window at all the trash on the roads. It was fun to see what kind of junk people threw out. I know our roads look NOTHING like that now....so let's hope Americans have learned over the past 50 years to take pride in their countryside!

    I must be close to your age because I remember peddle pushers, especially Mary Tyler Moore wearing them on the Dick Van Dyke show. Those were the days....but, if you think about all the trash and the smog and all the people smoking in public, would we really want to go back? I mean, I remember cars driving down the road with smoke coming out of them looking like the DDT truck....and that was COMMON!! We hate new laws that put restraints on us and cause us to pay out of our pocket, but looking back, maybe they REALLY WERE for the best, ya' think?

  2. Thanks for the visit, sounds like you've got some good memories. Do join us for Memory Monday. I too hope the American side is cleaner now.

  3. Hey sandy I love reading your memory Monday posts! I remember having small cases, carefully packed. How I do that and graduate to such a large case when I travel back to the US??? Cheers! Sarah


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